Wiring Diagram for 2004 2005 Nissan Altima Key Receiver

Understanding Altima Wiring Diagram

In the realm of Nissan Altima troubleshooting, a significant concern often revolves around the crank position sensor. The codes associated with this issue are primarily attributed to the sensor, accounting for 95% of related problems. A recommended initial step is to visually inspect the connector and scrutinize the wiring around the sensor. If everything appears in order, the next course of action is to replace the sensor. For further assistance, a wiring diagram, such as the one detailing that pin 13 at ECM should be a solid white wire, can be invaluable.

Key Programming: A Quick Guide

March 18, 2021 – Programming your Nissan Intelligent Key is a straightforward process that extends beyond mere door locking and unlocking functionalities. The Intelligent Key boasts features like trunk control, vehicle ignition, and keyless entry. Here are the steps for programming:

Programming an Intelligent Key

  1. Lock and Load: Sit in the car with the key and lock the doors.
  2. Key Dance: Insert the key into the ignition without starting the vehicle. Repeat this step until the hazard lights flash twice, indicating acceptance.
  3. Turn It On: With acceptance achieved, re-insert the key into the ignition, turning it partially to activate electronics.
  4. Button Press: Press any button on the Intelligent Key quickly. If successful, test the key by walking away and using the fob.

Intelligent Key Features

The Intelligent Key is not merely a device for door access; it comes with an array of features:

Window Control

  • A button on the fob allows you to roll down the windows for ventilation.

Vehicle Location Assistance

  • In crowded parking lots, the lock button can help locate the car by honking the horn and flashing lights.

Silent Mode

  • Pressing lock and unlock simultaneously activates silent mode, muting the horn while maintaining visual indicators.

Battery Backup

  • The Intelligent Key has a hidden key on the back for manual entry in case of a dead battery.

Driver Preferences

  • For Nissan models with memory functions, the Intelligent Key can recall two drivers’ preferences for seat, steering wheel, and mirrors.

Programming a Transponder Key Fob

For vehicles equipped with a regular transponder key fob, follow these steps:

  1. Secure Setup: Enter the vehicle, close and lock all doors.
  2. Key Turning Dance: Insert the key, turn it slightly to ACC without starting the car, then turn it off and repeat within 10 seconds until the emergency lights flash.
  3. Fob Activation: Quickly insert the key, turn to ACC, and press any button on the fob. The hazard lights will confirm acceptance.
  4. Manual Locking: Manually lock and unlock the passenger door to set the new key.

Understanding Intelligent Key Technology

The Intelligent Key operates through antennae that facilitate communication between the key and the car. Utilizing a tuner, it allows keyless entry, door locking, and engine start without physically using the key. The technology also includes a lockout protection feature, preventing the key from being locked inside the vehicle.

Nissan Models Equipped with Intelligent Key

Most Nissan models from the 2020 model year onwards are equipped with the Intelligent Key. Notable models include the Rogue, Altima, Titan, Armada, Leaf, and Maxima.

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