Which nissan altima do i have?

Checking Validity and History

For those interested in purchasing a Nissan ALTIMA, the VIN provides a gateway to check the car’s validity and access detailed information through online databases. This service enables users to scrutinize the vehicle’s history, ensuring a transparent transaction. Additionally, the VIN facilitates the retrieval of a build sheet specific to the Nissan ALTIMA model.

Nissan Altima: A Mid-Size Sedan

Firmly holding its position in third place in the mid-size sedan class, the Nissan Altima occasionally ascends to the top spot in monthly sales. Once Nissan’s best-selling vehicle, it yielded its position to the Rogue SUV during the crossover trend. Debuting in 1993, the Altima gradually evolved in size and style over the years, standing out among mid-size sedans with its sporty aesthetic.

Evolution of the Altima

2019–24 Altima

The latest generation, introduced in 2019, showcased a slightly longer, lower, and wider design, accompanied by a more daring look. Notable features included available all-wheel drive and Nissan’s ProPilot Assist.

2013–18 Altima

Maintaining a similar size to its predecessor, the fifth-generation Altima featured a more aerodynamic and rigid body. Improved mileage became a highlight of its revised drivetrains.

2007–12 Altima

In this generation, Nissan moved the popular exterior styling to a new platform. Despite a slight shrink in length and wheelbase, the interior and trunk space remained intact.

2002–06 Altima

Distinctive new styling characterized this generation, with the Altima growing larger than competitors. A performance-oriented SE-R model was introduced in 2005.

1998–2001 Altima

Offering a trim level lineup at lower prices, this generation featured a slightly longer and wider platform, focusing on improved rigidity and aerodynamics.

1993–97 Altima

The Altima debuted in 1993, replacing the Nissan Stanza. While initially labeled as mid-size, its proportions raised debates about its classification.

Latest Altima Stories

In recent news, various aspects of Nissan vehicles, including the Altima, have been in focus. Notable stories include information on heated side mirrors and heated steering wheels in cars under $40,000. Additionally, there is news about Nissan recalling over 153,000 Sentra sedans for rearview camera issues. Stay informed with the latest updates on Nissan vehicles.

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