What Is The Average Backyard Size For A Single Family Home?

It can be difficult to decide on the size of your backyard if you are thinking about buying a home. You can make an informed decision by knowing how big your backyard is and what space the common backyard items take up.

What is a Backyard?

A backyard is an area or parcel of land that lies behind your house. Also known as the back yard, The front yard is also available. It is the area directly in front of your home that is not occupied by the main entrance or street. Your yard’s total area is the sum of the area of the residential lot and the building area (area occupied).

What Size Is An Average Backyard?

The average backyard size varies depending on where you live. It also depends on whether you are in the city, the suburbs, or in a rural location.

California and Nevada have the smallest backyards, measuring at 1,650 square feet. Vermont has the largest backyards with an average of 74,000 square feet. This is slightly less than 2 acres.

Examples Of Homes With Big And Small Backyards

Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes are being built larger, while lot sizes are shrinking. The median home size has increased from 2,170 square footage in 2010 to 2,260 square feet. The median lot size for a new home has decreased by 18% from 10,500 sq. ft. to 8,700 sq. According to the US Census data, the area will be 8,700 sq.

Single-family Home with 2 Bedrooms

One-level single-family home measuring 635 sq. feet. It is situated on a residential lot of 40 x 120 feet. The property measures 4800 square feet and has a 3333 square feet back yard. This plan shows that the owner placed his house in the front yard at 21.69 feet from the main street curb.

National Averages yard size

Our research shows that the average national yard is approximately 23,301 square feet or half an acre. This number was calculated using data from the census to determine the average lot size for each state and the average home size. We then used the data from each state to calculate a national average lot size (25.240 square feet) and subtracted that number from the national average house size (1.940 square feet). This gives us the national average yard size.

What Size Should My Yard Be If I Have Pets?

People love a large backyard because their dog can run free, provided that it is well-fenced. A backyard is not always necessary for dogs who enjoy walking and playing in the park.

The size of a dog’s yard will depend on its breed, age, and energy level. Smaller dogs may need a smaller yard, while more energetic dogs might require more space. A backyard of around 2,500 square feet should be sufficient for most dogs.

How To Determine The Size Of Your Backyard

  1. You can check the development plan or site at your local building authority or architectural design firm.
  2. Google Earth and Google Map are available. Click the button to measure distance and area.
  3. Simply measure the yard’s length and width to determine if it is rectangular or square. Then multiply these numbers by 2.
  1. The total lot size is L x W = A(L).
  2. Find the square footage of your house in L x W = (H).
  3. To get a lawn size, subtract the home lot from the total lot.

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