What Does a Cinder Block Weigh?

weight of 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” & 12” cinder blocks How much do cinder blocks weigh

The United States makes lightweight block or low density block by using cinder materials such as fly ash or coal dust, bottom-ash, recycle materials or recycled aggregate. Also known as concrete block, the cinderblock name is well-known in the United States.

Different projects may require cinder blocks, which can be used in a variety of ways. They also vary in weight. These are the most common sizes and weights for cinder blocks you may encounter:

  • 16 inch: 65-72 pounds
  • 12 inch: 58-62 pounds
  • 10 inch: 43-55 pounds
  • 8 inch: 35-40 pounds
  • 6 inch: 28-32 pounds
  • 4 inch: From 15 to 26 Pounds

A brick made from small cinders, which is why the name cinder block, mixed with cement and sand, cinder blocks can be used for building purposes such as garden walls and retaining walls. Because they are lighter than concrete blocks, they are less strong.

The weight of a cinderblock:-

An 8 by 8 by 16 inch cinder block is approximately 38 pounds (17 kg) in weight, depending on its intended use. The weight of your project, its size and weight capacity may affect the final weight.

According to US practice, a standard 8 inx8 inx16 in cinderblock or CMU can weigh between 38 and 17 pounds depending on its application. A 8’x8’’x8’’ cinderblock can weigh in at 14 lbs (6 kg). A 4’x8’’x16’’ cinderblock can weigh in at 27 lbs (12 kgs). A 12’x8”x16 cinder block can be 55 lbs (25 kgs).

standard cinder block weight?

A cinder block may weigh between 22 and 38 pounds depending on its manufacturer.

Concrete cinder blocks weigh between 35 and 45 pounds. Concrete cinder blocks are light in weight. The concrete’s density will determine their weight. It can also be affected by the size of the cinder blocks. A smaller cinderblock will be lighter than one that is larger.

Weighing of solid concrete blocks

  • A 8″x8″x16″ solid concrete block weighs 50 pounds (22.7 kg)
  • A 12″x8″x16″ solid concrete block weighs 71 pounds (32.2 kg)
  • A 2″x8″x16″ solid concrete block weighs 17 pounds (7.7 kg)
  • A 4″x8″x16″ solid concrete block weighs 32 pounds (14.5 kg)

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