Wearn Blanket Worth AJ

Animal Jam is a big fan of wore blankets. These blankets are a popular item among Jammers.

The Worn Blanket, which was previously sold at Jam Mart Clothing, was released October 4, 2010. Although it was released after Beta Testing, many Jammers consider it a ‘clothing Beta’. All the Worn Blankets are available in The Forgotten Desert, other adventures, or by completing the Sky High mini-game.

Rarely Worn Blankets

Animal Jam is very fond of Worn Blankets. They were sold at the October 2010 BETA Days. A rare version of this item was also available. It was sold at the Leap Year Party (February 2012). Rare Worn comes in purple. The rarer Worn is more rare than the rarer one. You can find them in nine colours: pink, purple, cream, black and red.

Although it appears to have quite some holes, it is still intact. The blanket’s largest hole is located in its centre, with smaller holes at the edges. There are also tears running down the blanket’s bottom.

Variant of Worn Blanket Color

There are three other variants. There are eight additional variants. These variants come in the colors Red, Blue and Brown as well as Cream, Green, Pink Pink, Black, and Purple.

How to get Worn Blankets

Beta blankets made from woven materials are called worn blankets and they are quite amazing! Below is a list of all the words that you can find. Which one is your favorite? Please comment below! Let’s move on to the steps to make your very own beautiful dress!

You have two options. If you are a member, you can host Return Of The Phantoms Hard. You can ask another member to host it if you are not a member.

Log in to your AJ account and visit the adventure base camp.

If you want to have a better chance of success, an arctic Wolf is required. Next, open the chest and go inside. You can get a worn treasure chest.


Trading for Worn Blankets will be the best way to obtain them. You will need to find someone willing to trade for you. You will need to offer substantial quantities of the items as they are very rare.

Rare Blanket Codes

Although AJHQ occasionally releases codes for in game items, they are not available for the Worn Blankets. You will need to trade or win them through adventures if you wish to get them.

Adventure Prizes

You can win even Worn Blankets by playing Adventures in Animal Jam. They are dropping quite often from the Passage treasure chests, especially in restricted areas. The Forgotten Desert also has a few Ground Chests and Shard Chests.

It drapes over your animal’s back when it is attached. There are ten variations of the Worn Blanket. Two variants of the Worn Blanket are very rare and difficult to find.

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