Virginia House Building Costs

You want to build the home of your dreams in Virginia. NewHomeSource understands that building a new house can be exciting, but it can also seem daunting at first. This guide will help you navigate the process of building your home in Virginia.

Each region has its own unique challenges and prices. The Appalachian Plateau is less expensive but more difficult to buy land than the Piedmont near Washington D.C., which has better land and simpler building methods.

Cost per square foot

A new house in Virginia, which is located in the middle of the country, will cost $155 per sq.ft or approximately $405,000. This is only 3% more than the national average. This value is for the livable area only and does not include land cost, site development fees, or other fees.

Keep these Factors in Mind

A single-story home can cost $15-20 more than a two-story house. A basement-finished house will be less expensive per square foot. A house with a finished basement will cost less per square foot than a similar-sized house without one. Because of the fact that all fixed costs (well, drainfield, clearing drive, etc.) don’t decrease, smaller houses tend to be more expensive per foot than larger ones.

Average Cost of a New House Per Square Foot

A house measuring approximately 2,000 square feet can accommodate a family of three to four adults. New construction by a builder is about $150 per square feet, while custom or luxury homes can be as expensive or as affordable as financing permits.

The type of house will determine the cost.

Prefabricated Homes (from $150,000 to $450,000)

Home builders build these parts off-site and then transport them to the lot, where they assemble the home.

Development Homes (from $150,000+)

These homes form part of a neighborhood and share similar designs. These homes are very customizable, but you will need to select between specific floor plans and locations. They are usually farther from the nearest city, but they tend to be more affordable than custom homes.

Custom Homes (up to $350,000)

You have full control over design, features, etc. You can make it reflect your personality and style.

It is difficult to estimate a price because there is no average.

Virginia’s Cheapest Places to Build:

Farmville is the most affordable place to build, at -12% less than the national average. Galax City comes in at -10%. Abingdon and Lynchburg are the second-cheapest places to build a house, at -9% lower than the national average. Charlottesville and Harrisonburg are the fourth-cheapest cities to build a home. They are -6% below national average. Culpeper is -5% below national average. Fredericksburg is -5% below national average. Chesapeake is the sixth-cheapest place to build your house, at -4% less than the US average.

Virginia’s Most Expensive Places to Build:

There are no metropolitan areas in Virginia if anything between 10% to 15% is more expensive.

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