Turbo 2nd Gen Nissan Altima

Transforming the Altima into a Sleeper

Without a doubt, this turbo system transforms your Altima into the most unsuspecting sleeper on the road. The boost pressure is conservatively set at 6.5 psi, ensuring years of trouble-free operation for your completely stock engine.

Moderate Boost for Longevity

Even at this moderate boost level, Speed Force Racing assures Altima owners of trouble-free operation and longevity for their stock engines. The company goes further, offering a range of upgrades that can take your Altima up to an impressive 450WHP on a stock motor. For enthusiasts seeking more power, there are built engine packages and fuel system upgrades available, allowing Altima owners to reach in excess of 500WHP.

Building Power Gradually

One of the key benefits of Speed Force Racing’s approach is the lower cost and ease of installation. By keeping the boost low initially, Altima owners can enjoy a long, trouble-free lifespan for their stock motors. The gradual approach allows enthusiasts to build up their turbo system to the desired power levels over time.

Utilizing Spearco Intercooler

Speed Force Racing’s stage 1 single “tuner” turbo system includes a 57mm Turbonetics turbocharger, oil feed and drain lines, Tial 38mm wastegate, Evolution Motorsports by-pass valve, 304SS exhaust manifold, 304SS exhaust plumbing, 304SS turbo heat shield, Bell intercooler, aluminum intercooler piping with silicone hoses and stainless clamps, and all necessary hardware and gaskets for professional installation. The system utilizes a Spearco intercooler to keep charge air temperatures in check, maximizing power and safety.

Important Note

It’s crucial to mention that the “tuner” system does not come with injectors or engine management, emphasizing the need for off-road use only. Altima owners considering this modification should check with local and state authorities regarding installation on pollution-controlled vehicles. Additionally, it’s worth noting that this system is not compatible with the 2.5L Coupe model.

Adding Turbo to a 2010 Nissan Altima Can you put a turbo on a 2010 Nissan Altima?

Yes, it is possible, and doing so can significantly increase horsepower and performance. However, it’s essential to recognize that installing a turbocharger is a complex process that may necessitate modifications to the engine, exhaust system, and other components. To ensure a successful and reliable modification, it’s strongly advised to consult with a qualified automotive technician or a reputable performance shop. They can assess the feasibility and potential impact of adding a turbocharger to the 2010 Nissan Altima, providing valuable guidance for enthusiasts looking to enhance their vehicle’s capabilities.

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