Troubleshooting Honda Remote Start Not Working

One of the best-loved features of Honda cars is their remote start, or the Remote Engine Start System. This system offers numerous benefits, making every driver’s life less complicated. However, there are times when Honda remote start might not function as expected. In this article, we will explore the common causes and solutions to troubleshoot this issue.

Causes Why Honda Remote Start Is Not Working

It can be frustrating when your Honda remote start suddenly stops working, leaving you stranded or unable to attend important events. Here are some common culprits that can prevent your remote start from functioning:

  1. Dead Key Fob Batteries: If the batteries in your key fob are dead, the remote start won’t work.
  2. Brake Pedal Not Pressed Firmly: Make sure the brake pedal is pressed firmly along with pushing the start button.
  3. Car Not in Park Mode: Remote start will only work if the car is in park mode.
  4. Doors or Other Openings: The engine hood, doors, tailgate, or trunk lid might be open, preventing remote start.
  5. Unlocked Doors: Make sure the doors are locked.
  6. Warning Lights: If the hazard lights or check engine light is on, the remote start might be disabled.
  7. Keyless Access Remote Inside: This applies only when the car has a keyless access system.
  8. Starter Problems: Issues with the vehicle’s starter can affect the remote start.
  9. Inhibition Mode: Ensure the system is not in inhibition mode.
  10. Ignition Key Plugged In: If the ignition key is plugged in, remote start won’t work.
  11. Security System Activation: This applies to cars with a security system.
  12. Obstructions: Buildings or obstacles may block the connection between the key fob and your Honda car.
  13. Electrical Interference: External electrical interference from devices like laptops, tablets, or cell phones can disrupt the remote start.

How To Fix The Honda Remote Start Not Working?

To resolve issues with your Honda remote start, follow these steps:

Not Working after Battery Replacement

If the remote start fob doesn’t work after a battery replacement, it may need reprogramming. Check your car’s manual or visit a professional if necessary.

Not Working in Cold Weather

Cold weather can affect your car’s components. To overcome this, press the lock button first, then press and hold the engine button for 5 seconds.

By Honda Model

Different Honda models may have specific issues:

  • Honda Pilot: The “Engine Start/Stop” switch may be malfunctioning, warranting repair.
  • Honda Odyssey: Reset the Start/Stop feature if prompted by the “Open Hood Warning.”
  • Honda Accord: Adjust settings in the vehicle’s menu for the Remote Start System.
  • Honda Civic: Check and replace the key fob batteries if needed, and reprogram the fob if the remote start is still not working.
  • Honda Ridgeline: Apply extra pressure on the brake pedal and adjust brake cables if necessary.
  • Honda Passport: Stand within 400 feet of the car when using the transmitter.
  • Honda Insight: Enable the remote start system in the vehicle’s settings.


Troubleshooting Honda remote start issues involves identifying the cause and following the appropriate steps to fix them. Whether it’s dead key fob batteries, cold weather, or model-specific concerns, resolving these issues can ensure your Honda remote start system works reliably.

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