Transmission Synchronizer Replacement Cost [EASY GUIDE]

Transmission Synchronizer Replacement Cost

A vehicle’s transmission fluid leak can be fixed for as low as $150. It will cost around $1,000 to replace the seal. If you ignore these leaks, permanent damage to your transmission could result in several thousand of dollars in repair costs and the need to pay for a rebuild or replacement. To prevent serious damage to the transmission, these leaks must be investigated. These repairs and inspections can only be done by a certified transmission specialist.

The typical repair cost for fluid leaking from your transmission is $150 to $200. This includes the removal of the transmission. This amount will cover the cost of replacing the pan bolts and drain plugs, seals, gaskets, fluid lines, and seals. However, the exact cost will depend on where the leak is coming from. The transmission will need to be removed if the leak is in the front seal. This will increase the cost of your repair job by a significant amount.

It depends on the type of vehicle that you drive, there may be some disassembly involved. This can lead to higher costs than simply replacing partials. Because the parts are simpler and can be repaired for less than an automatic transmission, which uses computerized technology rather than physical gears or levers to adjust gear ratios.

Transmission seals are typically made of rubber or plastic. However, some contain metal reinforcements such as steel, aluminum, or copper to ensure they remain strong under pressure. For high-heat environments, stainless steel gaskets are ideal. However, silicone can create a stronger bond between the engine block and your car’s gearbox.

These engines have different seal requirements, just like cars have different engines. Modern vehicles have standardized seals, which makes it easy to find replacement parts in any auto shop. Older models might require parts that are no longer manufactured by the manufacturer or parts that are custom-made for your vehicle.

You will need to pay between $160 to $620 to replace the front transmission seal. The average cost is almost $310. These seals are most costly because the mechanic must disassemble large portions of the transmission to replace the front transmission seal.

Although it isn’t difficult to replace the transmission seal, it can take some time and labor because the mechanic must disassemble the transmission to drain the fluid. You will be charged the highest labor costs.

Below is a table that shows the average cost to replace the transmission seal on some of the most popular vehicles.

It is relatively inexpensive to replace transmission seals, as you can see. The costs of replacing the front seal is generally comparable to that for either the rear or output seals.

Each transmission comes with a rear output shaft, which also has its own seal. These are slightly larger than the front seal, but they are the same design and cost. These car parts are easier to access and require less work, which results in a lower price. A leaking rear transmission seal should be replaced at a cost of around $220, depending on how old the vehicle is and where it was serviced.

Important Points to Consider

Experts recommend that transmission seals be replaced every 100,000-150,000 miles. The seals might need to be replaced sooner if the transmission fluid is not changed regularly.

You can drive your car with a damaged transmission seal, but it should be replaced immediately to avoid further damage.

The transmission seal replacement would only take 30 minutes. However, it takes more time to access the seals. To disassemble the entire car, a mechanic will take between 4 and 6 hours.

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