Subwoofer Installation Cost

Subwoofers are an integral part of any vehicle. They amplify the bass frequencies of music and other audio sources. This helps create better sound quality. You must know about the various types of subwoofers available. There are two types of subwoofer systems – passive and active. Passive subwoofers use cone speakers or horn drivers. Active subwoofers use moving coil drivers. The size of the woofer determines the frequency range of the speaker. The larger the woofer, the higher the frequency range. The price of the system depends on the type of woofer used. The price also varies based on the brand and model of the car.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Subwoofers and Amp in Car?

Subwoofers are speakers used to amplify low-frequency sounds. They are usually placed under a vehicle seat. An amplifier amplifies the signal coming from the subwoofer. Wiring connects the speaker to the amplifier. In order to get the most out of your subwoofer, you should make sure that it is properly installed.

The price of a subwoofers can be as low as 40 dollars. Depending on the place you buy it, the quality of sound, and the installation job, the total costs can range from 100-500 dollars easily.

Single Subwoofer Installation Hardware Not Included

You should pay attention to the prices listed here. This product costs $19.99. You may also want to check out other products by the same seller.


Your new subwoofer will be installed by a professional technician who will make sure everything works properly. You’ll get a lifetime warranty on the installation. There may be an additional charge depending on what you need done.

Subwoofer and Amp Installation Cost Summary

The average cost of installation is $150. The affordable setup costs $200. The mid-range setup costs $400. The premium setup costs $600. Labor cost is $250.

Affordable Setup Cost to Install Subwoofers

An under-seat subwoofers come with an integrated amplifier. You can easily install them without any hassle. The installation is very easy and requires less time. This saves you a lot in terms on labor costs.

An 8 inch subwoofer is a great choice for your system. It is compact and easy to install. There is no need for wiring to an exterior amp. It is a simple setup. For a double enclosure, just double the total amount.

LowRange Setup Cost

Here is the cost-effective set up for low range subwoofers, a wiring kit with amp installation, so the cost stands at.$45, NVX XKIT82 Wiring Kit, $110, NVX QBUS8v1 Subwoofer, $110, Total Cost $155, Double Enclosure $310, N.B. The real cost will change with the changes in the market prices of the kits.

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Subwoofer and Amp Installation Cost for MidRange Setup

A mid-range setup will provide you with better sound than the cheap setups. This will also make your installation process complicated and could cost you more in labor costs. Overall, this is a good setup to go for. You can choose a speaker like JL Audio 12W0V2-4. This will give noticeable improvements and a very good quality output.

This is also bigger in size, you will need to have space inside your car. Subwoofer in this price range, such as the one mentioned, can handle power up to 300 watts RMS. You can select to pair this up with single 12 inch sealed mdf enclosure. You will need more power amplifiers. If the speaker and the amplifier do not match, this will cause distortion in the subwoofers sound.

The price of this product is $99.00.

MidRange Setup Cost

The total cost of installing a subwoofer is $325. This includes the cost of the enclosure, amplifier, and wiring. The cost of these items will increase over time as the market prices rise.



Pre-installation checklist: Make sure there is enough room around the subwoofer to safely install the wires. Remove the old speaker and make sure the wiring harnesses are disconnected. Secure the subwoofer to the enclosure using the provided screws or bolts. Post-installation checklist: Vacuum up any loose dust and debris. Check the volume control and turn down the power if needed. Turn the system back on and listen for any feedback.

After placing your order online, you will receive an email with a unique code. Go to your local authorized dealer to schedule an appointment. You must bring your receipt, the subwoofer, and any other parts or accessories you may have bought along with you. Standard installation does not include vehicle specific parts or accessories. Extra costs apply if you need to install more than one subwoofer.

Your Geek Squad Autotech will perform an estimate prior to performing the service. You’ll receive an invoice detailing the cost of the service before you leave the store. Additional fees may apply if the technician needs to order or install parts.

Premium Setup Cost to Install Subwoofers and Amp in Car

You are indeed a lavish person if you spend your money on expensive setups. Such setups are not cheap but they do produce great sound. However, the price of such setups is more than the sub woofer alone. So, if you want to get the best sound, you must invest in an amplifier as well.

You can buy a subwoofer for $400 but if you want to use it with your amplifier then you will have to spend $600.

HighRange Setup Cost

The premium setup cost for high range subwoofer and amp kit installation is estimated at $1,000. The actual cost will vary depending upon the current market prices of the components.

The repair cost for an engine oil leak depends on how much damage was done by the leak. If the leak occurred during normal operation, then the repair costs are low. However, if the leak occurs while the vehicle is being driven, then the repair costs could be high.

Labor Cost for Subwoofers Installation

Labor costs depend on the total job. Sometimes the installation is easy and requires little effort and knowledge. Other times, the job is complex and requires a lot of time and effort. Installed subwoofer wires are hectic for any professional. You must know how to work in the subwoofer box.

In this type of situation, the professional or the audiostore will charge you a good deal of money. So, what does it cost in the present year? As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, labor costs can range anywhere from $100-$500, depending on the size of your room. This does not include any additional charges for the speakers or amplifiers. So I recommend going and purchasing from a vendor that doesn’t charge separately for installing the speakers.

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DIY Cost for Subwoofer and Amp Installation in

Subwoofers are speakers that produce low frequency sounds. These are used to enhance bass sound. You can buy them online or in stores. Most people use them as part of a stereo system. However, they also come in handy when you want to listen to music while watching movies. In addition, they are useful for gaming because they provide better sound effects.

You should consider buying a professional setup. Your current setup may be outdated or you may need to upgrade your speakers. Buying a new sound system could cost thousands of dollars.

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