Society Garlic Sun or Shade

Planting society garlic in the sun or shade | Grow more bulbs and flowers Eco Family Life

Sunlight is the most important factor in growing society garlic. Plants grown in full sunlight will produce more flowers than those grown in partial shade or none at all.

This article will explore all you should know about growing society garlic. You’ll also learn how to get the most from your plants.

Benefits of growing society garlic in full sun

Garlic plants grow better when planted in full sunlight. This is because the light helps the plant absorb nutrients. Plants need sunlight to produce chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what gives plants their green color. When you plant your garlic in full sunlight, it will be easier for the plant to make chlorophyll.

Society Garlic

A beautiful flower that grows in rock gardens, society garlic is also called “ground cover”. It is native to the rocky grasslands of Eastern South Africa. It is in the same plant family with onions. This plant does not lead to bad breath.


Society garlic is a clump forming herbaceous perennial plant with narrow grass-like green leaves. Flowers are clustered on stalks about 2 feet tall. Tubular flowers open up at ends to look like 6 pointed stars. Variety ‘Silver Lace’ has larger flowers and cream stripes. Variety ‘Tricolor’ has pink and white variegate.

This plant is easy to grow and requires little maintenance. It tolerates both heat and cold, and is tolerant of drought. It smells of garlic when disturbed, making it an excellent choice for a garden or landscaping project. Deer damage is minimal, and the plant is resistant to disease.

Rhizomes and leaves are the main parts of this plant. They can be cooked like any other vegetable. Flowers are also edible but are too fragile to use as a garnish.

More flowers

Society garlic grows in full sunlight. Flowers appear in early spring. Plants grown in shade bloom later in the season but continue to produce flowers until late summer.

More bulbs

Society garlic plants need to be divided into two or three bulbs during the winter months. These bulbs should then be planted in early spring. The bulbs will double in size before the end of summer.

Garlic planted in full sunlight grows faster than those planted in shady spots. This is because the plants receive more light energy. Therefore, they grow faster.

Society Garlic Plant Growing Society Garlic In The Garden

Tulbaghia violacea is an attractive flowering plant with showy flowers that bloom during spring and summer. This plant grows up to 1 foot (0.3 m) high.

Growing Society Garlic

A plant that smells like garlic, society garlic grows well in USDA gardening zone 7-10, where winters are mild. This perennial spreads slowly but does not invade other plants. It blooms in a tubular shape and has up to twenty flowers per cluster. When crushed, the flower stalks release a strong odor of garlic.

Of the Amaryllis Family, society garlic flowers may vary in color from lavender to pink. Their size varies from large to medium. The largest flowers grow on the ‘Silver Lace’ cultivar. The ‘Tricolor’ variety has pink and white striped flowers. The ‘Variegata’ variety has cream colored stripes. The ‘Silver Lace’ variety grows well in light or sandy soil. The ‘Variegatum’ variety grows best in full sunlight. The ‘Silver Laces’ need regular watering and pruning to ensure healthy growth. The flowers return every year.

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