Septic Vent Pipe in Yard

The vent stack in the house prevents sewer gas from leaking back into the traps and provides pressure relief. The yard vent is used to manage gas from the septic tank.

Many homeowners have vent pipes in their yards, particularly those who have septic systems such as mine. Although vent pipes are ugly, you can hide them with yard decorations. To conceal the pipes, some homeowners create rock formations around them or add ornamental items. Another option is to plant around visible septic system items. However, there are certain rules that must be observed when hiding vent pipes. You must remember that pipes have a purpose and should not be completely covered or blocked. These are some ideas to conceal your vent pipes.

The main sewage line runs from the home’s plumbing to an underground septic tank. A septic tank, which is usually made of concrete or plastic and is water-tight, is usually rectangular in shape. Solids settle to the bottom and liquids rise, allowing waste to exit the tank via the outlet line. Baffles or “Ts” are usually placed on the outlet and inlet sides of the tank to prevent waste from moving around. This prevents liquid and solid waste from moving around in the tank.

How To Hide A Vent Pipe?

Vent pipe hiding is possible in many ways. Some are easy and cheap, while others are more time-consuming and require patience. You’ll have to consider all options before you can decide which one will work best in your yard. The vent pipes are located near the new outdoor.

deck, so we had to consider that.

Vent Pipe Covers

Fake tree trunks and fake rock columns are popular. You must ensure that the vent can work with whatever you choose. The septic tank gas won’t escape if there are no air holes. This can cause serious problems. For better results, you may paint the pipe to match its bamboo color.


Spray painting vent pipes to match your surroundings is an affordable option that may just be what you are looking for. You can also use green if there is grass. If you want to hide the vent pipes with natural materials, this is the first step.

You can make your own art pieces depending on how artistic you are. This spray paint may look great in a modern home. You should ensure that the spray paint you purchase is compatible with the pipe material.

Decorations In Front Of It

It is possible to conceal the pipe quickly and effectively by placing something in front. This is a great option if the pipe is in a corner. No one will see it.

You can purchase a fountain or other decorative items and place them where you want. These items should be bigger than the pipe. If the pipe is visible from all directions, this option won’t work.

Landscaping Solutions

You can place different plants around a vent pipe to hide it. This works well for short pipes that are close to the ground. Tall pipes can be harder to hide with plants. To hide a pipe all year, use evergreen plants. Depending on your yard size, you might plant larger plants but keep them at a distance. It will conceal the pipe, but it will take up a lot more space. It’s possible to damage the pipe or cause issues with the septic tank by planting long, strong roots.

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