Sentricon System Cost USA $250 [EASY GUIDE 2024]

The cost of a Sentricon termite baiting system in the USA typically falls within two ranges:

  • Installation: $400-$650 for the initial installation of the bait stations around your property.
  • Annual Monitoring: $250 per year for regular inspections and potential bait replacements.

It has been demonstrated by university research studies and decades of usage by pest management specialists that the Sentricon® System is the best, most successful method of destroying termite colonies. An added plus is that unlike liquid barrier treatments, there are no negative impacts on the structure of your home.

Home SizeInstallation CostAnnual Monitoring Fee
1,000 square feet or less$400$250
1,000-2,000 square feet$500$250
2,000-3,000 square feet$600$250
3,000-4,000 square feet$700$250
4,000-5,000 square feet$800$250
5,000 square feet or more$900$250
Sentricon System Cost

For the initial installation of a Sentricon baiting system, the average cost is $1,200–$3,800, with an additional $280 for yearly monitoring. Sentricon is hailed as the world’s best bait system, with 60 scientific studies demonstrating colony removal. Termites prefer the bait over wood by a factor of 10, according to the manufacturer.

When should Sentricon stations be changed and how often should they be replaced? The answer is at the very least a complete calendar year. Unlike a standard Sentricon system, which requires monitoring every three months, an Always Active system just requires one visit every year. Our specialist comes to the house once a year to check the stations and do a thorough inspection.

Sentricon System Cost

The spontaneous exchange of food and secretions within a termite colony contributes to the defences of the colony.

When should Sentricon stations be changed and how often should they be replaced?

It is standard practise for Sentricon “Always Active” stations to be examined at least once each year. Formosan termites, for example, reproduce twice a year, which is the situation in some circumstances. At the absolute least, Hex Pro Termite Bait stations should be checked twice a year, and preferably once every 90 days. 25th of February, 2013

The average termite treatment costs $556, with most households spending between $220 and $904 on it. Large infestations or elaborate processes, such as fumigation with tenting, can cost upwards of $1,200 to $2,500 or more per infestation or process. The cost of a termite control plan is determined by the following factors: the size of the structure to be treated; the number of termites in the building; and the number of treatments required.

How Does the Sentricon System Work?

Traditional termite treatments, which entail drilling deep trenches around your home’s foundation and applying termiticide to create a barrier, are also available. However, the Sentricon Termite Baiting system is an environmentally friendly, drill-free alternative that protects your home against termites.
Sentricon termite bait stations, the green circles that you’ve probably seen put in the yards of your friends, family, and neighbours, are placed around the perimeter of your property, normally 10 to 20 feet apart, to protect your home against termites. The magic happens within the stations, and this is where you can find out more.

Which is more effective, Trelona or Sentricon?

Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations are distinguished by their outstanding design, which results in rapid termite strikes. In fact, according to a university research, termites discovered Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations significantly faster than they discovered Sentricon stations. Stations from Trelona ATBS and Sentricon were used in this investigation, and they were put within 0.5 metres of an active termite colony.


Termite Treatment Cost

For limited chemical treatments and bait stations, the average termite treatment cost is $330 to $815. Fumigation of large infestations with tenting is required. This can cost anywhere from $1,280 to $3,000 more. Prices will vary depending on what type of treatment is used, how severe the infestation is, and whether the structure is located in a dry or damp area.

Factors that impact termite treatment costs

There is no one answer to the question of how much termite treatment will cost because each case is unique. Cost of termite treatment can vary depending on many factors.

Types of treatments required

There are many types of treatments available. Some cost less than others, like termite bait systems.

Type of termites

Depending on the severity and type of infestation, more than one treatment might be necessary. Bait treatments, for example, will require more visits than chemical treatment because technicians have to add more baits and keep an eye on the stations.

Your home’s size

Your treatment costs will increase if your home is larger. Treatments for termites can be expensive. Larger homes will require more chemical treatment.

Foundation repair

Termites can enter your foundation through tiny cracks, causing serious damage to your home’s base. This can lead to foundation damage that costs anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000.

Termite monitoring

You will need to install monitored bait stations on your property in order to do it yourself. Monitors are $35-$45 and monthly bait is $135. Professional termite monitoring is also available at an average cost of $410 per annual.

Termite Inspection Cost

On average, a termite inspection will cost $75-150. This is usually refunded if they are hired to treat the termites.

These are some places you can inspect for termites.

  • Crawl spaces
  • Attic space
  • Floors
  • In cabinets
  • Windows
  • Door frames
  • Behind appliances

Sentricon Cost

Sentricon(r), installation and monitoring costs are based on the perimeter linear footage of a building. The initial installation fee includes monitoring for the first year. There will be an annual renewal fee for the second year and every year thereafter. Installation and recurring monitoring costs may cost as little as $55.00 per monthly (or $1.75 per per day).

Cost Of Termite Tenting

The average cost of tying up a house to termites for fumigation is $1280 to $3,000, or $1 to $4 per sq. foot depending on the infestation. Heat treatment is another option that can be used to treat the whole home. It usually costs $1.50 to $2.50 per sq. foot, with homeowners spending approximately $800 to $2,000.

Ground termite treatments include liquid barriers placed around the perimeter of structures. Liquid barrier treatments create a barrier in the ground to prevent termites from infesting the structure. The liquid treatment either repels or kills termites and, eventually, all termites in the structure will die.

Costs of Termite Prevention

A termite home maintenance plan is a way for homeowners to save money on termite control and be proactive. The cost for an inspection is $25 to $50 each visit. Baits are also checked.

How to Save Money on Termite Treatment

There are several ways to save money on it

  1. Opt for liquid treatments

Although liquid termiticides are less expensive than some other options, they may not be the best option for all situations.

  1. Regular maintenance should be scheduled

Annual inspections are a good idea if you have termites in the past or if you have a high risk of them.

  1. Request multiple quotes

To ensure that you get the best price for your termite treatment, get more than one estimate.

  1. Get immediate treatment

It is more expensive to treat an infestation that grows larger. Immediately schedule service or use DIY methods if you see termites in your home.

What Is The Average Time It Takes To Work?

The amount of termite activity in the area will determine how long it takes for termites to locate the bait stations. However, it is almost certain that they will find them. Sentricon was developed by termites using their natural behaviours to destroy their colony and themselves.

Even if the termite colony that was threatening the structure is gone, termites can return from nearby colonies. If only a small portion of the original colonies were eliminated, reinfestation may also occur.

This is an effective way to get rid of subterranean termites in your home. It will also prevent future infestations. The guarantee for future infestations will vary depending on the exterminator and the products used.

Sentricon Termite Baiting Systems has been extensively tested among similar products. Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN developed the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. It is only sold through authorised pest control companies. The termites are killed while trying to moult due to the slow-acting ingredient in the bait.

Standalone Termite Solution

The Sentricon(r), a system that helps you take control of your home, whether you are dealing with a termite problem now or in the future. See how Sentricon provides complete termite protection.

Treatment Of Termites Costs

How much does termite treatment cost? The cost of Terminix termite treatment is approximately $400 to $1,500 per year, with the national average at around $1,0001 per year. A termite treatment plan that does not include damage repair guarantees may be as low as $69 per monthly. A plan that includes different types of termite treatment may cost up to $1,700. There are many factors that could affect the cost of your service. However, every home is different. Continue reading to find out more about the factors that could impact the cost of your termite treatment.

Termites Look Like?

There are approximately 2,000 species of termites in the United States. Only five of them invade our most important investment, which is our home. The most destructive termites in the US are Drywood, Drywood and Formosan.

Signs of termites

Termites are usually pale yellow with straight antennae. Both sets of termite wings have the same shape and size. There may be wings that have fallen off.

The best time to schedule treatment and an inspection is when you notice termites. Here are some signs to watch out for when inspecting your house yourself.

Termite Signs On Mud Tubes

Dark tunnels can be found on exterior siding.

Termite Signs On Wood

Paint cracks expose the wood beneath, and uneven wood under paint can often look like water damage. It might appear as a buckled piece of wood on furniture or flooring. Sometimes, it emits an unpleasant odour like mould or mildew. The maze beneath is revealed when the veneer cracks.

Eliminate Ground Termite Colony

Sentricon is a system that can be used to exterminate an entire colony of subterranean termites (or ground termites) and prevent new infestations.

Ground termite control with the Sentricon(r), system involves:

  1. An initial inspection of the property is required to detect termite activity.
  2. Installation and delivery of bait stations
  3. Regular monitoring by a pest control specialist certified.

End result: Permanent protection with ongoing servicing.

Pest Management Pros

Providing the best termite control solutions will help you build your business and reputation. Find out what it takes for you to join the elite group Certified Sentricon Specialists(r).

Initial Termite Monitoring

Installing plastic monitoring stations around buildings’ perimeters can detect termites.

  • The station housing is made of hollow green plastic and measures approximately 10 by 2 by 2.
  • Stations should be placed 12-18 inches from the foundation to prevent soil from being retreated with liquid termiticides. If soil access is not prevented around most of the structure, patios, driveways and other paved surfaces will not be a problem.
  • Around the perimeter of the building are monitoring stations, which are located at approximately 10- to 20-foot intervals along the foundation.
  • Additional stations can be installed along the foundation in areas suspected to be termite-foraging. These include areas near stumps, woodpiles, and areas that are moist.

Bait Delivery Stations

The ingredients are contained within the capsules at bait stations.

Things to Consider

  1. The installation poses no environmental risk
  2. You can plant fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and other edible foods.
  3. There is no danger to people or plants.
  4. To open the bait stations, you will need a key.
  5. Only for termites and closely related insects
  6. Sentricon starts protecting structures as soon as they are installed
  7. Once termites find the bait stations, it starts working.
  8. Sentricon is scientifically designed for elimination of the entire subterranean termite colony, including its queen.

How to Install

  • Termites that feed on wood are carefully removed and placed in the bait tube to speed up the process.
  • Additional stations with wood are placed near stations that receive bait tubes to encourage additional “hits” or attacks.
  • All Sentricon stations are inspected with or without substituted bait tubes until no live termites are found.
  • Termites can tunnel through the tube and reunite with their nestmates in soil by tearing it apart. They leave behind a scent specific to their colony that encourages other nestmates to join the bait.
  • Additional stations may be added if necessary.


What is the cost of treating termites?

The cost of Terminix termite treatment is approximately $400 to $1,500 per year, with the national average at around $1,0001 per year. A termite treatment plan that does not include damage repair guarantees may be as low as $69 per monthly. A plan that includes different types of treatment may cost up to $1,700.

Is termite treatment worth it?

Termite treatment will be well worth the cost. Your home is the most important investment you’ll ever make. It is important to have termite inspections done regularly. This will help you save money in the long-term.

What should a termite contract be worth?

An annual contract can cost $175-$900. This covers inspection, treatment, monitoring, and any further infestation.

Are you looking for an exterminator to remove termites?

You should always seek professional help when dealing with these issues. The methods may not be suitable for DIY.

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