Rhino lining cost

Do you want to know what line of work a Rhino liner installation entails? We conducted a national poll of Line-X and Rhino Liner installers, and we discovered that the average cost is $470.41. That’s more than $100 more than a DualLinear (which, for the record, performs a superior job of protecting your truck’s bed

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How much does it cost to get your whole truck rhino lined?

Wondering how much a Rhino liner install costs? We conducted a national poll of Line-X and Rhino Liner installers and discovered that the average cost is $470.41 — nearly $100 more than a Dualliner (which, for the record, does a better job of protecting your truck bed).

Choosing a Bed Liner for Your Truck : Rhino Liner vs. LINE-X

As a truck owner, you want to ensure that your vehicle is protected with the finest quality truck bed liner available. Whether you use your truck just for outdoor excursions or as a work vehicle and daily driver, it’s vital to have a bedliner that plays and works as hard as you do.


According to our study, the states of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island had the highest average spray-in installation costs of $520 per job. A Rhino liner is likely to be more expensive than a DualLiner if you reside in one of these states.

Making A Decision

To sum up, both bed liners have several advantages, which is why they are so popular as truck bed liners in St. George. Many of today’s Rhino lining alternatives compare favorably to LINE-X, but most fall short where it counts most: installation and warranty terms.

Can you Rhino line plastic?

Yes. For your plastics to adhere strongly, first clean and polish them with Acetone (don’t get any of it on any surface you aren’t going to coat). Rhino Coat or Rustoleum is also a great bed liner coating that’s available in spray can or brush on form.

Is Kevlar paint bulletproof?

FORT WORTH, TX – Drivers in Fort Worth are putting a thin layer of Kevlar on their cars to protect them from hail. “It’s not bulletproof,” said Lance Mills, owner of LRM Kevlar. A light layer of Kevlar can withstand hail, according to Lance Mills.

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