Repairing a Speedometer Cost [Beginners’s Car Guide]

The vehicle’s speedometer, which displays the car’s speed, is one of the most critical safety and operational components. It is crucial that your speedometer be serviced immediately if it starts to malfunction. Inaccurate speedometer readings can not only put you at risk for being pulled over for speeding violations, but can also put other drivers in serious danger.

What is the Average Cost of Speedometer Repair?

Repairing your speedometer will cost you based on many factors, including the make and model, severity of the malfunction, repair shop, and more. Speedometer repairs can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 on average. This type of repair is covered by some warranties, which could eliminate any financial responsibility. You should keep in mind that if the warranty covers it, your liability will be limited to the dealership mechanics.

Repairing a Speedometer: What is the cost?

Speed sensor failure is the most common issue with speedometers. Shops charge $100-$250 to replace speed sensors in-house. DIY costs are usually much lower as the cost of replacing the speed sensor is not covered. A sensor of this type can often be purchased for $25-40.

How to fix a broken speedometer

It will depend on what type of speedometer it is and the root cause.

Electronic Speedometers

You should inspect your electronic speedometer to see if the speed sensor is working properly. You might get a code, such as P0501, for your speed sensor.

For Cable Speedometers

The fix for a broken cable speedometer is usually as easy as replacing the damaged cable. Some people may find it difficult to reach this cable on their vehicles because it runs under the vehicle near the transmission.

Service to Replace Speedometer Sensors

The speedometer, as its name suggests, displays your vehicle’s current speed. The majority of speedometers can be used electronically. A speedometer sensor is used to measure vehicle speed. This sensor is usually found at the transmission and measures the rotational speed of the drive shaft.


If you want your replacement speedometer sensor to work, it must be compatible with your model and make. To ensure the exact match, a VIN is required.

Our recommendation:

Your car will notify you when your speedometer sensor is failing. You don’t need to be proactive about it. The Check Engine warning light will go on if the speedometer sensor is not working properly. Your vehicle’s cruise control will also stop working if this happens. It is possible for the speedometer to stop functioning or become inaccurate.

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