Quick 4 Plus Chambers

Two central structural columns give the Quick4 Plus, Standard chamber maximum strength. This chamber can fit in a 36 inch wide trench. It can be installed in a 36″ wide trench, just like the original Quick4. The Quick4 Plus series is extremely strong thanks to its interior load-bearing support columns. Infiltrator can manufacture chambers in a variety of sizes and styles to meet any regulatory or site requirements.

Product Details

  1. Installation is quick and easy with the latch mechanism
  2. The 4ft length chambers are simple to install and handle.
  3. Supports wheel loads up to 16000 lbs/axle and 12 inches of cover
  4. This chamber is ideal for applications that require a low profile.
  5. Imported fill required for fill and cap systems is reduced
  6. Superior strength is provided by four central structural columns
  7. Advanced contouring connections


Quick installation via latch mechanism

Easy to install and handle chambers measuring four feet in length

Supports wheel loads up to 16,000 lbs/axle and 12” of cover

This chamber is ideal for applications that are shallow due to its low profile design

Reducing import fill required for fill and cap systems

Superior strength is provided by four central structural columns

Advanced contouring connections



34″W x 53 1/2″L x 12”H

(864 mm x 1346 mm x 305 mm)

Effective Length

48″ (1219 mm)

Louver Height

8″ (203 mm)

Storage Capacity

47 gal (178 L)

Invert Height

0.6″ (15 mm), 5.3″ (135 mm),

8.0″ (203 mm), 12.7″ (323 mm)


What are the best places to find local installation codes, system designs, and technical questions?

Local codes govern many installation options and requirements. If you have any questions, contact your local health department. This provides the chambers with a solid foundation and doesn’t affect the infiltration rate. Infiltrator MicroLeaching, sidewall louvers are designed for keeping soil out. Therefore, filter fabric is not necessary.

What Systems Can Infiltrator Chambers be Installed in?

Infiltrator chambers are suitable for almost all septic leach fields. Infiltrator chambers are able to be used wherever stone and pipe can fit. These include trench, bed and elevated mound installation. Infiltrator chambers offer superior treatment capabilities for pressure dosing and serial distribution.

What is the maximum size of the Leach Field that can be reduced when I install Infiltrator Chambers?

Each local health department determines the system size. Health departments usually approve sizing cuts of 25 to 50% when Infiltrator chambers have been specified. For details, check your local health codes.

Yes, there is a knockout area at the top of each chamber that is used to inspect. A splash plate under the inlet is required for inspection. Be careful when backfilling to avoid causing damage to the inlet pipe.

MicroLeaching, a patent-pending louver design, is used in Infiltrator Chambers. It corresponds to the angle of soil. This allows effluent to drain from the sidewall, while keeping soil out.

Can chambers be installed under a driveway or paved surface?

Some codes prohibit the installation of septic leach fields under impervious surfaces, such as driveways. The reason is that the soil can be compressed by the pressure of the surface, which can cause a decrease in its ability to filter effluent (wastewater) from the soil. For the exact codes applicable to your area, check with your local health department. For design and installation instructions, contact Infiltrator Water Technologies’ Technical Services team at 1-800-718-2744.

What is Infiltrator water Technologies’ Minimum and Maximum System Coverage?

Infiltrator Water Technologies recommends that the chambers have a minimum of 12 inches of covered compacted material. The maximum allowable cover for chambers in trench systems is 96 inches. Maximum cover for bed systems is 48 inches. Minimum cover can be reduced to six inches if the drainfield is not in use. When installing a 6-inch system, be careful with your equipment. Infiltrator Water Technologies offers a line for Shallow Cover (SC), Chambers. These allow for six inches of coverage with an equivalent H-10 loading rate. However, these are limited to certain markets. For specific requirements regarding cover, always check with your local health codes.

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