Presby septic system cost

I’m getting ready to build a new house, and the county health department is telling me that I need a “Presby septic system,” which I’ve never heard of before; I’m familiar with anaerobic septic systems and aerator septic systems; the reason I’m familiar with aerator septic systems is because I once lived in a house with an anaerobic septic system that was contaminating the neighbours water well, so

Presby Environmental raised bed sand technology was used in this instance. In comparison to conventional raised bed sand systems, this is a more cost-effective and ecologically beneficial septic system. It is only when the native soil has a low percolation rate that raised bed systems become essential.

Wheel arch rust repair cost

Presby septic systems are $94.00 per 10 foot leach line, which seems excessive to me, and I’m wondering whether the Presby septic system is some sort of sales marketing scam or gimmick. If anyone has heard of the Presby septic system, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Septic Drainage Pipes
Pipes are used to transport sewage from your home into your septic tank, as well as to transport effluent from the septic tank to the leach field, regardless of the type of septic system you employ. Your septic system, the distance between your house and the septic tank, as well as the distance between your leach field and the septic tank, all influence the amount of pipe you’ll need to install. From $65 to $80 for 100 feet of four-inch perforated PVC piping, you can get a good deal.

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