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Presby Environmental is releasing a new product for wastewater treatment known as EnviroFin on be available in the month of May. EnviroFin is an onsite passive water treatment, dispersal and wastewater management device that is designed using similar principles to Presby Environmental’s Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) technology. EnviroFin was designed to be shipped quickly (one 65-lb container) and can be installed in smaller spaces than the other technologies for wastewater treatment available. New Hampshire and Maine are the first two states that EnviroFin is approved for and accessible to install.

The System is a different Subsurface Soil Absorption System (SAS) that is a replacement for an existing SAS constructed according to CMR 15.000. CMR 15.000. The System comprises an 11 5/8-inch-diameter corrugated high-density plastic pipe having an 9.5-inch inner diameter and an average length that is 10 feet. It is punctured using eight holes evenly distributed across its circumference around every corrugation. Each hole is fitted with a Skimmer that is extending outwards. The outside of the pipe is adorned with raised ridges at the top of each corrugation. The pipe is surrounded by two layers of.

The pipe Enviro-Septic is assembled into an on-site water treatment facility. ES comprises corrugated perforated plastic pipe that is enclosed by a layer of randomly-arranged plastic fibers as well as a stitched geotextile. The system is created to simultaneously purify and disperse effluent following the initial treatment in an wastewater septic tank. Every foot ES offers more than 25 sq feet of surface area to allow bacteria to work.

System Advantages

A) costs are lower than conventional systems

B) removes the requirement to wash stone

C) typically requires a smaller space

d) can be installed quicker and more quickly than conventional systems.

E) is easily adaptable to non-residential and residential sites in practically any size

F) easily adapts to difficult environments

g) creates a secure receiving surface that prevents from sealing the soil beneath.

Requirements for Certification

Installers and designers who haven’t previously completed an PEI “Certification Training Course” are required to get Presby Certification. Certification is earned through attending an Certification Course offered through PEI or its representative who is sanctioned by PEI. The certification can also be obtained through watching tutorial videos on our site (high speed internet connection is required) and after that, passing a brief assessment test, which is accessible via the internet. Any professional involved in the examination or review or certification AES as well as ES systems must also be Presby Certified.

The Stages Of Wastewater Treatment

Stage 1: The warm effluent flows into the pipe and is chilled to the temperature of ground

2. Suspended Solids separate from the liquid effluent that has been cooled.

Stage 3: The Skimmers take in suspended solids and grease from the effluent that is already in use.

4. Pipe Ridges permit the effluent flow unimpeded across the entire circumference of the pipe, which aids in cooling.

The Stage 5 Bio-Accelerator Fabric filters out any solids in the effluent. It also enhances and speeds up treatment, allows rapid starting-up after periods non-use, creates more surface area for the growth of bacterial as well as promotes even distribution and also protects the outer layer and the surfaces that receive them so they can be permeable

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Presby Environmental has continued to bring together innovation, simplicity and intensive research and development to create an exclusive line of wastewater treatment systems that are made at PEI’s cutting-edge manufacturing facility located in Whitefield, New Hampshire, USA.Advanced Enviro-Septic was created through Presby Environmental Inc. (PEI) an environmental-focused company that has developed new technology to transform the way in which the world views wastewater treatment. Established in 1995 by the inventor and businessman David Presby, today the company is at the forefront of water pollution prevention to ensure the protection and preservation of the most precious of our natural resources.PCI has installed Septic systems for more than 50 years. We install commercial and less invasive residential systems. Our expertise and high-quality workmanship assure that the equipment will run well for years to come.

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