Pedestrian bridge cost

A pedestrian bridge can serve a variety of functions in addition to serving as a crossing structure. In certain circumstances, it might be a piece of artwork that serves as a link between two or more communities. Having said that, the entire expenses and advantages of constructing a pedestrian bridge are not always fully assessed prior to construction. As a result, there is a chance to learn more about the purpose, expenses, and funding of pedestrian bridge construction, as well as evaluate pertinent instances of successful pedestrian bridge construction.

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Currently, because there is no universally accepted set of regulations, loads, and stresses, it is generally decided by the joint assessments of owners, consultants. and local governments.

According to usage, aesthetics, applicable codes, and other variables, the cost of our buildings may easily range from $500 per linear foot to more than $2,000 per linear foot or more.

While every job is different and the final cost varies, you should expect to pay between $175 and $350 each square foot of bridge that is placed.

Materials account for a significant portion of the price, with factors such as the production method for the material, how long it lasts, and its general availability influencing the price. Prices for various commodities vary depending on where they are purchased, as do the expenses involved with shipping raw materials. The cost of an installed bridge is normally on the lower end of the pricing range for simple material combinations such as steel and treated timber.

Several people are astonished to learn that a painted steel bridge is significantly more expensive than a “weathering steel” bridge, or that a bridge that is just 20 feet long is frequently more expensive than a bridge that is 50 feet long on a linear foot basis. As a result, the freight costs to your project site are normally the same for both spans, and the engineering expenses are the same for both spans, as well as the labour costs, the key savings is solely in the materials that are not used.

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