OBDII Location Nissan Altima

2019 Altima SV OBD Port Location Mystery

Purchasing a new 2019 Altima SV comes with its own set of challenges, one being the elusive OBD port. The frustration is evident in the community, with the owner resorting to unconventional methods to locate it. Despite consulting the owner’s manual and scouring the internet, finding information specific to the 2019 model proves to be a challenge. The search extends to various locations, including the engine compartment fuse box and the area next to the steering wheel.

A Tale from the Quest – OBDII Connection in a 2019 Model

In a parallel narrative, a user named RonBranam12 shares their experience in locating the OBDII connection on a 2019 Quest. The user expresses gratitude after successfully finding the port and proceeds to discuss challenges with getting the ELM327 and CVTz50 to function properly. The discussion delves into troubleshooting techniques, including applying a “version 2.15 fix” and selecting the appropriate transmission type.

CVTz50 Setup Tips for Success

The conversation takes a technical turn as users exchange advice on configuring the CVTz50 setup. Recommendations include applying a fix for version 2.15, even if the adaptor is a 1.5, and selecting the specific transmission type, such as Nissan CVT8 or CVT7. The discussion highlights the importance of these adjustments for successful communication with the vehicle’s systems.

Challenges and Triumphs – ELM327 and CVTz50 Connection

The journey to connect the ELM327 and CVTz50 to a Samsung device unfolds as users share their struggles and triumphs. A user provides tips, such as applying the “2.15 fix” and specifying the ELM adaptor in the connections menu. Screenshots are shared, adding a visual element to the troubleshooting process.

The article navigates through the user’s experience in using the CVTz50 interface. Questions arise regarding the location of setup or settings buttons on the main screen. Users discuss the need to rescan for devices and reselect OBDII each time an option is chosen on the main screen, emphasizing the intricacies of the connection process.

Insights from Altima Enthusiasts – 2012 Model and Beyond

The exploration of OBD port locations extends to the 2012 Nissan Altima. A brief discussion arises about the OBD port’s location, emphasizing the importance of checking the fuse if there is no power. The article provides guidance on accessing the fuse box and replacing fuses, offering a comprehensive guide for Altima owners facing power issues.

2019 Altima 2.5S OBD Port Location

Closing the narrative, the article includes insights into the OBD2 port location for the 2019 Altima 2.5S. The data link connector (OBD port) is revealed to be situated under the instrument panel on the driver’s side, left of the steering column. A visual reference is provided for clarity.

The journey to find the OBDII connection on a 2019 Altima SV and a 2016 Quest unveils a community of users sharing their experiences, triumphs, and challenges. From navigating technical configurations to providing insights into older models, the collective knowledge offers a valuable resource for Nissan enthusiasts.

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