Nissan Altima Wiring Diagram Intelligent Key System Engine Start Function

Wiring Diagram – Intelligent Key System/Engine Start Function

The Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual provides comprehensive information on the wiring diagram for the Intelligent Key System and engine start function in the security control system coupe. This crucial aspect of the vehicle’s security and functionality is detailed in the manual to assist technicians and users in understanding and troubleshooting these systems.

Intelligent Key System Technology: Seamless and Secure Operation

Convenient Locking and Unlocking

The Intelligent Key System, as outlined in the Technology Library, introduces a convenient method for locking and unlocking doors without the use of a traditional key. By pressing the Request Switch on the door while carrying the key, users can effortlessly secure and access their vehicle.

Hands-Free Functionality

Hands-Free Lock & Unlock & Trunk Open

The system allows users to lock or unlock the vehicle doors and open the trunk without physically using a key. Simply pressing the Request Switch on the door handle or trunk initiates these actions, eliminating the need for traditional key insertion or remote control operation.

Push Button Ignition

The Intelligent Key System features a Push Button Ignition, enabling users to start the engine without physically inserting the key. The engine activates by turning the ignition knob or pressing the engine start switch, providing a seamless departure experience.

Lockout Protection

To prevent the accidental locking of keys inside the vehicle cabin or trunk, the system employs advanced technology. It detects the door lock status and key location at the moment of door or trunk closure. If a key is detected inside, an alert is triggered, accompanied by automatic unlocking of the door or opening of the trunk.

Technology Configuration

The Intelligent Key System relies on antennae and tuners to transmit signals between the car and the key. Pressing the Request Switch initiates a signal from the car antenna, received and returned by the key, allowing the vehicle to lock or unlock. Similarly, for engine start, the car transmits a signal received by the key, activating the engine.

Signal Range Control

The system ensures precise signal transmission within a designated range. The accuracy is maintained through high-precision signal output control and key location detection technology. Each key possesses an individual recognition code registered in advance, enhancing security and preventing responses to signals from unregistered keys.

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