Nissan Altima Tags Black

Official Nissan License Plate Frame Tag Holder

Nissan enthusiasts rejoice, as the Official Black License Plate Frame Tag Holder is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality auto accessories. This stylish license frame proudly showcases the engraved OEM-style logo or nameplate, making it a must-have for any Altima owner.

Quality Craftsmanship

Crafted from special aluminum alloy, this license plate frame boasts a robust build with thick, strong walls and bottom tabs to securely hold the license plate in place. The Matte Black finishing adds a touch of sophistication, making your Altima stand out on the road. The excellent Teflon coating finishing not only enhances the frame’s aesthetics but also ensures long-lasting durability.

Warranty Backed by Nissan

Backed by a full warranty and the reputable Nissan brand, you can trust in the quality of this solid brass, chrome-plated license plate frame. The rotary engraved and epoxy-filled design further attests to the attention to detail put into creating this accessory. The frame comes with factory 5 years limited warranty, providing peace of mind to Altima owners.

Exclusive Nissan Auto Accessories

As one of the few exclusive manufacturers and distributors of official Nissan auto accessories, the license plate frame is a symbol of authenticity and exclusivity. To sell exclusive Nissan auto accessories, a license is required, ensuring that only genuine and high-quality products reach Nissan enthusiasts.

Theft Deterrent Features

When properly installed, the license plate frame comes with match snap caps that act as a theft deterrent. The screw covers not only add a finishing touch to the frame but also provide an added layer of security for your valuable accessory.

Additional Options

Altima owners can enhance their license plate frame experience by adding a protective clamshell for just $1.00. This optional feature adds an extra layer of protection to keep your license plate frame looking pristine.

Altima Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames: A Sleek Upgrade

Real Carbon License Plate Frame Set

For Altima owners seeking a sleek upgrade, the 2 Pcs Real Carbon License Plate Frame Rear & Front Tag Holder offers a modern and sophisticated design. Priced at $41.95, this set includes two unbreakable clear license plate tag shield covers, two black frames, and eight caps.

RFID Blocking Card Holder

iPick Image brings innovation to Altima accessories with the Slim Black Carbon Fiber RFID Blocking Card Holder Wallet. Officially licensed and designed for Nissan Altima, this personalized car tag gift for her adds a touch of luxury to the driving experience.

Price and Additional Accessories

The $41.95 price tag includes two real carbon license plate frames, providing Altima owners with a stylish and durable option. Image 1 showcases the sleek design of these frames, offering a larger-than-life view of the quality craftsmanship.

Warranty Information

For those considering a purchase from third-party Marketplace sellers, it’s essential to note that warranty terms may differ. To confirm warranty terms, Altima owners can use the ‘Contact seller’ feature on the third-party Marketplace seller’s information page before making a purchase.

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