Nissan Altima Settings

Phone Settings

Owners of the Nissan Altima can personalize their phone settings through the Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System with Navigation System. Follow these steps to access and customize phone settings:

  1. Press the [ ] button.
  2. Select the “Settings” key.
  3. Select the “Phone & Bluetooth” key.
  4. Choose the “Phone Settings” key and adjust the following settings as desired:

Sort Phonebook By:

Select “First Name” or “Last Name” to choose the alphabetical display of phonebook entries.

Use Phonebook From:

  • Select “Handset” to use the phone’s phonebook.
  • Select “SIM” to use the phonebook on the SIM card.
  • Select “Both” to use both sources.

Download Phonebook Now:

Select to download the phonebook to the vehicle from the chosen source.

Record Name for Phonebook Entry:

Select to record a name for a phonebook entry for use with the NISSAN Voice Recognition System.

Phone Notifications for:

  • Select “Driver” to have phone notifications shown in the vehicle information display.
  • Select “Both” to have phone notifications shown in both displays.

Text Messaging:

Toggle the text message functionality on or off.

Show Incoming Text for:

  • Select “Driver” to have incoming text notifications shown in the vehicle information display.
  • Select “Both” to have text notifications shown in both displays.
  • Select “Off” to turn off all text notifications.

Auto Reply:

Toggle the auto reply functionality on or off.

Auto Reply Message:

Select to indicate the preferred message when the “Auto Reply” function is activated.

Use Vehicle’s Signature:

Toggle on or off the addition of the vehicle signature to outgoing messages.

Custom Text Messages:

Select this option to choose a custom message from the available slots.

Display Settings

Enhance the visual experience of your Nissan Altima by adjusting display settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Press the SETTING button and select the “Display” key.


Adjust the brightness or contrast of the display background by selecting the “Brightness” or “Contrast” key. Use the “+” or “-” key to achieve the desired settings.

Display Off:

Select the “Display ON” key to turn off the display. It will automatically turn on when certain operations are performed.

To turn the screen on:

  • Press the SETTING button and select “Display ON,” or
  • Press the message button, and the “Display ON” key will be automatically turned on.

Background Color:

Select the “Background Color” key to change the display color between day and night.

Color Theme:

Select the “Color Theme” key to choose a black, blue, or red color theme, altering the appearance of the background, arrows, and bars across all screens.

Restoring Factory Settings

If you need to revert to the original settings:

  1. Crank the Altima’s engine or turn the key to “On,” “Run,” or “Acc.”
  2. Locate and push the information button until the display screen shows “Reset.”
  3. Navigate to “Reset” using the circle button and confirm by pushing the square button. The factory settings are now restored.

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