Nissan altima rear bumper replacement cost

The cost of changing your bumper, whether you have been in a recent crash or have an older car that simply needs a makeover, might be prohibitively high. When you take your car to a shop, you are at the mercy of the mechanics.

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If you replace your bumper yourself, on the other hand, you may save a significant amount of money. Even if you don’t perform any of the labour to repair the bumper yourself and instead only purchase the bumper and have it installed and painted by a professional, you will still save a significant amount of money.
The cost of repairing a particular bumper is determined by the kind of vehicle for which it is being repaired and the amount of the damage. The majority of consumers should anticipate to pay between $300 and $1800 to have their rear bumper repaired at a repair facility.
What is the approximate cost of replacing the rear bumper on a Nissan Altima?
Costs for Bumper Replacement Model Labor Parts in a Sample Setting
Nissan Altima is a mid-size sedan.
Between $500 and $700
From $316 to $475
Honda CR-V (Crossover Recreational Vehicle)
Between $500 and $700
ranging from $435 to $880
Honda Civic (also spelled Honda Civic) is a mid-size automobile manufactured by Honda.
Between $500 and $700
ranging from $435 to $880
Honda Accord (also spelled Honda Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord
Between $500 and $700
Labor – $435 – $880 (replacement) The Nissan Altima Rear Bumper is made of plastic.
Paint the new bumper cover to match the colour of the existing boday. Remove the grilles and any other accessories that are attached to the rear bumper.
Remove the wheel liner and any other body parts that are obstructing access to the rivets that hold the bumper in place. Remove the bumper from the bumper support by unscrewing the bolts.
Replace the bumper cover with a new one. Fasteners between the wheel well and the bumper should be reinstalled. Put back in place any grilles or other components that were supported by the bumper. 9.2 hours is a long period of time. Parts – Bumper Cover (USD $727.82 / USD $820.25)
New bumper cover made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. Fittings and fasteners for the installation process are included. Primer has been applied and the surface is ready to be painted. 1+ year manufacturer’s warranty. 1 front and back cover Parts – Paint Materials $421.05 $473.96 $421.05 $473.96
Surface preparation supplies, paint masking material, abrasives, primer, paint, clear coat, and cleanup solvents are all included in this category..
1 work $65.56 $73.80 $65.56 $73.80
Fees for disposal
Fees for the correct handling, as well as the ecologically acceptable disposal and recycling of old fluids, components, and materials are assessed.
$19.41 $21.85
Local taxes are not included in the total cost.
$1,233.84 $1,389.86

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