Nissan Altima Parking Brake System

Automatic Brake Hold Functionality

The Automatic Brake Hold function is designed to maintain braking force without requiring the driver to keep the foot on the brake pedal when the vehicle is stopped, such as at a traffic light or in a traffic jam. Upon activation by pressing the Automatic Brake Hold switch, the system retains the braking force, allowing the driver to take their foot off the brake pedal. This feature significantly reduces foot fatigue during prolonged stops.

The vehicle’s operational status is conveniently displayed in the meter, with the indicator changing from white to green when the braking force is being maintained. Upon stepping on the accelerator pedal, the braking force is smoothly released, enabling the vehicle to resume movement effortlessly.

Electric Parking Brake Integration

The Altima’s Electric Parking Brake seamlessly integrates with the Automatic Brake Hold function, providing additional safety and convenience. If the vehicle remains stationary for more than three minutes, the system automatically switches to the electric parking brake, with the indicator turning off. When the driver presses the accelerator pedal, the electric parking brake is released, and the indicator light returns to white.

The System Mechanism underlying this integration involves the Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) unit, which maintains brake fluid pressure to keep the vehicle in a stopped state when the brake pedal is engaged. Upon acceleration, the VDC unit smoothly reduces brake fluid pressure, releasing the braking force and facilitating movement.

In situations where the vehicle is stopped for more than three minutes, the driver’s seat belt is removed, or the driver’s door is opened, the electric parking brake is activated instead of the VDC, further enhancing the system’s adaptability.

Parking Brake and Traffic Sign Recognition

The 2023 Nissan Altima showcases a sophisticated approach to parking and traffic sign systems, blending modern technology for enhanced safety and awareness during every journey.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)

The Altima employs cameras and image recognition for its Traffic Sign Recognition system. This advanced technology informs drivers about speed limits and other crucial information through a user-friendly display. The integration of parking and traffic sign systems underscores the Altima’s commitment to contemporary driving ease and safety.

User Guidelines for Parking Brake

The 2023 Nissan Altima provides comprehensive user guidelines for both manual and electronic parking brake operation, ensuring the proper and safe use of these features.

Manual Parking Brake (Pedal Type)

To engage the manual parking brake, the driver must firmly depress the parking brake pedal. To release it, the foot brake must be applied, the shift lever moved to the P (Park) position, and the parking brake pedal depressed again. The brake warning light should be checked before driving.

Electronic Parking Brake (Switch Type)

The electronic parking brake offers both automatic and manual operation. In automatic mode, it engages when the ignition is switched off with brake force maintained by the Automatic Brake Hold function. In manual mode, the driver can manually apply and release the electronic parking brake using the dedicated switch.

Automatic Operation

The electronic parking brake automatically engages and disengages based on various conditions, such as the status of the driver’s seat belt, ignition switch position, and brake force maintenance.

Caution: In freezing temperatures, precautions are advised to prevent the parking brake from freezing in place.

Manual Operation

If the electronic parking brake is not automatically applied, the driver can manually activate it by pulling the switch up. To release it, the brake pedal must be depressed, and the switch pushed down.

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