Nissan Altima P1722 ESTM Vehicle Speed Signal

What Does the P1722 Nissan Code Mean?

The vehicle speed signal plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the vehicle. The ABS actuator and electric unit transmit this signal to the TCM, and when there is a significant difference between the signals from these components and the vehicle speed sensor, the P1722 code is triggered. This discrepancy can result from various issues.

Causes of the P1722 Nissan Code

Examining the potential causes is the first step in addressing the P1722 Nissan code. The issues listed below may contribute to this fault:

Faulty Vehicle Speed Sensor

One possible culprit for the P1722 code is a malfunctioning vehicle speed sensor. This component is vital for accurate speed signal transmission.

Vehicle Speed Sensor Harness Issues

Issues with the vehicle speed sensor harness, such as an open or shorted circuit, can disrupt the signal transmission and trigger the P1722 code.

Poor Electrical Connection

A poor electrical connection in the vehicle speed sensor circuit can lead to discrepancies in the signal transmission, resulting in the P1722 code.

Tech Notes and Diagnosis

Understanding the technical aspects of the P1722 code is essential for proper diagnosis and resolution.

Tech Notes

Owners of Nissan models from 2007 and onwards should take note of a Factory Service Bulletin related to the P1722 code. This bulletin provides valuable information for addressing the issue efficiently.

Diagnosis Procedure

When faced with the P1722 code, a systematic diagnosis is crucial. The following steps can guide you through the process:

Checking DTC with ABS Actuator and Electric Unit (Control Unit)

Performing a “SELF-DIAG RESULTS” mode for ABS can help determine if the inspection result is normal or if there is a specific DTC detected.

Checking DTC with TCM

Initiate the “SELF-DIAG RESULTS” mode for the transmission to identify whether the P1722 code is detected. Depending on the outcome, further actions can be taken.

Detecting Malfunctioning Items

Inspecting TCM connector pin terminals for damage or loose connections is essential. If the inspection result is normal, TCM replacement may be necessary; otherwise, damaged parts should be repaired or replaced.

Cost and Symptoms

Understanding the potential costs and symptoms associated with the P1722 code is crucial for vehicle owners.

Cost to Diagnose

The cost to diagnose the P1722 Nissan code typically involves 1.0 hour of labor. Keep in mind that labor rates at auto repair shops can vary, affecting the overall cost.

Possible Symptoms

A vehicle with the P1722 code may exhibit the following symptom:

  • Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)

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