Nissan Altima P0112 P0113 IAT Sensor

P0112 Nissan Code – Intake Air Temperature Circuit Low Input

The P0112 Nissan code signifies an issue with the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor circuit, specifically a low input. The IAT sensor plays a crucial role in providing temperature data to the Engine Control Module (ECM), influencing various vehicle systems. When the sensor detects excessively low voltage, it triggers the P0112 code.

What Does the P0112 Nissan Code Mean?

The IAT sensor is typically integrated into the mass air flow sensor or mounted on the air filter duct housing. It utilizes a thermistor sensitive to temperature changes, with electrical resistance decreasing as temperature rises. The signal is vital for the ECM to make adjustments in fuel injection and other components.

Possible Causes of the P0112 Nissan Code

  • Faulty Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor
  • Dirty air filter
  • Open or shorted IAT sensor harness
  • Poor electrical connection in the IAT sensor circuit

P0113 Code: Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit High Input

The P0113 code indicates a “Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor Circuit High Input” problem, suggesting a malfunction in IAT sensor 1 or its circuit. This article focuses on understanding the causes, symptoms, and solutions related to this issue.

What Does the P0113 Code Mean?

Diagnostic trouble code P0113 reveals a high input issue in the IAT sensor 1 or its circuit. The PCM detects a problem when the signal voltage exceeds the maximum value. This may result from sensor disconnection, damaged terminals, cut wires, or other open circuit issues.

What is an Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor and How Can It Cause P0113?

The IAT sensor, a two-wire sensor with a negative temperature coefficient resistor, measures incoming air temperature. The ECM/PCM uses this data to adjust fuel injectors and optimize combustion. A disconnected sensor or damaged wires can lead to abnormal voltage readings triggering the P0113 code.

Possible Causes of the P0113 Code

  • Internal problem in the IAT sensor 1
  • Bad connection between IAT sensor 1 and its circuit
  • Damaged IAT circuit wiring
  • Issues with the mass air flow sensor (if integrated)
  • Rare PCM issues requiring a software update

Diagnosing and Fixing the Issues

Diagnosing P0112 Nissan Code

  • Check for damaged components in the listed possible causes.
  • Visually inspect wiring harness and connectors.
  • Look for broken, bent, pushed out, or corroded connector pins.

Diagnosing P0113 Code

  1. Check for Other Error Codes:
    • Ensure no additional error codes are present.
  2. Inspect Your IAT Sensor Wirings and Connectors:
    • Examine for dirt, rust, or looseness affecting the IAT sensor 1 and its circuit.
  3. Testing the IAT Sensor:
    • Verify the sensor’s functionality as outlined in the service manual.

Fixing P0112 and P0113 Codes

  • Address specific issues identified during the diagnosis process.
  • Replace the IAT sensor if necessary.
  • Ensure proper wiring connections and repair any damaged circuits.
  • Seek professional help if needed.

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