Nissan Altima Nissan Altima 2007 2012 Service Manual

General Information and Manuals Overview

1. Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual

The official service manual provides a detailed breakdown of the Altima’s features, offering a structured approach to maintenance and repair. From basic inspections to complex engine control systems, this manual serves as a primary resource for technicians and DIY enthusiasts.

2. Service & Repair Manuals for Nissan Altima

A wide array of repair manuals is available, catering to different preferences and needs. Whether it’s a Haynes Repair Manual or an OEM factory service manual, these resources offer valuable insights for maintaining and repairing Nissan Altimas.

Engine Systems

3. Engine Mechanical

The engine mechanical section covers the intricacies of the Altima’s powerplants, with a focus on the QR25DE and VQ35DE engine models. From basic inspections to detailed service data and specifications, this section is a must-read for those delving into the heart of their Altima.

4. Engine Lubrication System

Both QR25DE and VQ35DE engines have dedicated sections covering the lubrication system. These areas guide users through precautionary measures, on-vehicle maintenance, and detailed repair procedures.

5. Engine Cooling System

Understanding the Altima’s engine cooling system is crucial for optimal performance. Separate sections delve into the QR25DE and VQ35DE cooling systems, providing information on function diagnosis, on-vehicle maintenance, and repair protocols.

6. Engine Control System

The intricate Engine Control System is divided into segments covering QR25DE for California, QR25DE (except for California), and VQ35DE. Each section includes basic inspections, function diagnosis, component diagnosis, ECU diagnosis, and symptom diagnosis.

7. Fuel System

The fuel system is a critical aspect of the Altima’s performance. This section details precautionary measures, on-vehicle maintenance, on-vehicle repair, and service data and specifications for the fuel system.

Transaxle & Transmission

8. Transaxle & Transmission

The transmission of the Altima is covered in detail for both manual (6MT: RS6F52A) and automatic (CVT: RE0F09B, RE0F10A) variants. From basic inspections to removal and installation, each aspect is thoroughly discussed.

Suspension and Steering

9. Front and Rear Axle

The front and rear axles are crucial components of the Altima’s suspension system. Symptom diagnosis, precautionary measures, and on-vehicle maintenance and repair are highlighted.

10. Front and Rear Suspension

Detailed sections cover the symptom diagnosis, precautionary measures, and on-vehicle maintenance and repair for both the front and rear suspension systems.

11. Steering System

The steering system, including power steering components, is comprehensively discussed. Symptom diagnosis, precautionary measures, and on-vehicle maintenance and repair protocols are provided.

HVAC and Interior Systems

12. Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Precautionary measures, preparation, function diagnosis, on-vehicle maintenance, and repair of the ventilation system are detailed. Ducts, grilles, and the heater & air conditioning system are also covered.

13. Interior Systems

The Interior Coupe and Interior Sedan sections cover symptom diagnosis, precautionary measures, preparation, and on-vehicle repair, including instrument panel disassembly and assembly.

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