Nissan Altima Lifting Point

Lifting Points and Special Service Tools

When lifting a Nissan Altima 2007-2012 for servicing, it’s crucial to follow proper procedures and use the right tools to ensure safety and prevent damage. The use of Special Service Tools, like those from Kent-Moore, is recommended, though their shapes may differ.

Garage Jack and Safety Stand

To lift the vehicle, use a garage jack and safety stand, taking care to park on a level surface and avoiding damage to pipes and tubes underneath. Always use safety stands when working underneath the vehicle. Wheel chocks should be placed at both the front and back wheels on the ground. Lift at the reinforced area of the front suspension member where the lower control arm attaches, aligning with the centerline of the wheels.

2-Pole Lift and Board-on Lift

When using a 2-Pole Lift, ensure the lift arms are opened wide, maintaining a well-balanced distribution of weight between the front and rear of the vehicle. For a Board-on Lift, make sure the vehicle is empty during lifting. Attachments should be positioned at the front and rear ends of the board-on lift.

Precautions and Additional Considerations

It’s essential to observe precautions for safe and proper servicing, especially when dealing with the vehicle’s center of gravity changes during part removal. These precautions are not detailed in each section but are crucial for overall safety.

Tow Truck Towing

When towing with a tow truck, it is cautioned never to tow a CVT model with the rear wheels raised and the front wheels on the ground to prevent serious transaxle damage.

Lift Points for Altimas: Practical Considerations

When using a floor jack and jack stands for lifting an Altima, consider the following practical aspects.

Finding Suitable Jacking Points

Locating suitable jacking points is crucial to avoid damage to the undercarriage. Typically, these points are found behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels, near the pinch weld on the rocker panel. However, users have reported challenges in finding universally accepted points.

Jacking and Stands Placement Dilemma

Users have expressed concerns about bending the undercarriage when using floor jacks and stands. One user suggested lifting the car about 6 inches behind the lift point to accommodate the jack stand, but this raises issues of undercarriage damage.

Clarification on Structural Member Usage

To address concerns, users seek clarification on the main structural member to use for placing stands. The owner’s manual is recommended for precise locations, emphasizing the importance of avoiding suspension components to prevent bending or failure.

Request for Inclusion in FAQ

Recognizing the need for detailed information, users have requested the addition of this topic to the FAQ section for easy reference.

In conclusion, proper lifting points and precautions are essential when servicing a Nissan Altima 2007-2012. While Special Service Tools are recommended, users also seek practical advice on floor jack and stand placement for optimal safety and minimal undercarriage damage.

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