Nissan Altima Indicator Lights

Warning Lights Overview

ABS Warning Light

The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) warning light, featuring large, bold ABS letters, confirms proper system function during engine start. If it appears at other times, a system check is recommended according to Seo Autouserguide.

BRAKE Warning Lights

Two brake warning lights, one with an exclamation point in a ring and another displaying the word BRAKE in capitals, indicate parking brake activation. However, if these lights illuminate without parking brake use, immediate brake fluid level checks and inspections are advised by Montgomeryville Nissan.

PS Warning Light

The PS warning light, denoting power steering issues, demands prompt attention from drivers when illuminated during operation, as suggested by Montgomeryville Nissan.

Charge Warning Light

A rectangle with + and – signs, symbolizing the battery charge system, warns of potential issues. Montgomeryville Nissan recommends checking the generator belt and having the charge system inspected.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

An exclamation point within parentheses signals low tire pressure. Montgomeryville Nissan advises stopping the car, checking and refilling tires, and recommends inspection if the light persists.

Master Warning Light

An exclamation point inside a triangle, appearing with various warnings, indicates multiple issues such as low fuel, loose fuel cap, or open door. Seo Autouserguide emphasizes its catch-all nature, covering different potential problems.

Other Indicator Lights

Headlights Indicator

A green illuminated symbol of two half-circles indicates active headlights and side lights.

High Beams Indicator

A blue oval with flattened left side and lines indicates activated high beams, as illustrated by Montgomeryville Nissan.

Fog Lights Indicator

A half-oval with crossed lines signifies active front fog lights.

Turn Signals Indicator

Left- and right-facing arrows indicate turn signal activity, with hazard lights engaged if both arrows flash.

Passenger Airbag Indicator

Similar to the airbag light but with the number 2 and the word OFF, this signals the passenger airbag’s disengagement due to an unoccupied seat.

Malfunction Indicator

A steady or blinking polygon denotes minor malfunctions, urging inspection. Seo Autouserguide highlights issues like a loose fuel cap or low fuel.

O/D Indicator

O/D OFF in capital letters signals the overdrive system is off, indicating a driving mode.

Security Indicator

A key inside a car outline denotes an active security system.

Slip and VDC Indicators

The slip indicator, depicting a car above wavy tire tracks, signals Traction Control or VDC engagement. Seo Autouserguide notes that the VDC indicator, when combined with the slip light, indicates a turned-off VDC system.

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