Nissan Altima Folding Rear Seat

Folding Back Seats Flat – A DIY Approach

If you find yourself in need of extra cargo space or looking for a comfortable makeshift bed in your car, folding back seats flat can be a game-changer. This DIY technique allows you to create a flat bed in the rear of your car, offering practicality and comfort. The process involves locating two tabs in the groove where the leather back seats meet the carpet or floor. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate Tabs: Identify the two tabs at the front edges of the leather back seats, where they meet the carpet or floor.
  2. Pull Tabs: Pull one tab at a time while simultaneously raising the seat. The tab should release, allowing you to lift the seat.
  3. Arrange Back Seat: Stash the long back seat section right behind the driver or passenger seats. Temporarily move the seats up, lay the back seat cushion down, push the back seat backs down, and then return the front seats to their original positions.

This clever maneuver results in a spacious flat bed, ideal for situations like moving large items or, as some have suggested, for a comfortable sleep in your car.

Ergonomic Considerations for Comfort

In the pursuit of maximum functionality from your car, ergonomic positions play a crucial role. A forum user suggests looking for ergonomic tips to enhance seat comfort, particularly for those who find the seats less accommodating for smaller frames. With a height of 5’8″ and a slender build, the user likens the experience to sitting on a slightly cushioned park bench.

Nissan Altima Owners Manual: Folding Rear Seat

For Nissan Altima owners, the vehicle manual provides an official guide to folding the rear seats. This method is designed for accessing the interior trunk area and is especially handy for loading and unloading items. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Prepare Front Passenger Seat: Move the front passenger seat to the most forward position.
  2. Access Rear Parcel Shelf: Open the access cover on the rear parcel shelf.
  3. Release Seatback: Push down on the button on the rear parcel shelf to release the passenger’s side seatback.
  4. Fold Seatback: Fold down the passenger’s side seatback, creating an extended cargo space.

Safety Warnings and Tips

The manual emphasizes safety precautions to be observed during this process. Never allow passengers in the cargo area or on the rear seat when it is in the fold-down position. It is crucial to secure all cargo properly to prevent injuries in case of sudden stops or collisions. Additionally, ensure the seatbacks are fully secured in the upright position to avoid potential accidents.

Bonus Tip: Locking Rear Seats

For added security and to prevent unauthorized access, Nissan Altima owners can use the mechanical key to lock the rear seats. This feature is particularly useful when the car is not in use, providing peace of mind regarding the security of the cargo space.

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