Nissan Altima Cruise Control Operations

Locating Cruise Control in Your Nissan Altima

If you’re wondering where to find the cruise control feature in your 2022 Nissan Altima, look no further than the steering wheel-mounted controls on the right side. Andrea Barrett, a licensed insurance agent, provides insights on activating different cruise control modes.

Activating Cruise Control

Conventional Cruise Control

To engage conventional cruise control, press and hold the button with the blue car surrounded by two circles on the right side of the steering wheel. Changing between intelligent cruise control and conventional cruise control is as easy as turning the system off and back on.

Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)

For intelligent cruise control, press the button with the blue car surrounded by two circles. This feature maintains a preset distance from the vehicle ahead, utilizing advanced technology to control acceleration and deceleration.

System Operation

Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) measures the distance from the preceding vehicle and adjusts acceleration and deceleration to maintain a suitable following distance. The system comes in handy during long journeys or in traffic congestion, reducing the driver’s workload.

Warning Alerts

In situations where the system may face challenges in fully decelerating the vehicle, it warns the driver with a chime and display alert. Additionally, on models like the Skyline, ICC modulates vehicle speed based on upcoming curves, enhancing safety.

Operating Cruise Control

Conventional Cruise Control

Payton Ternus, in the Nissan Altima Owners Manual, outlines the steps for operating conventional cruise control. To set your cruising speed, accelerate to the desired speed, and push the COAST/SET switch.

Canceling and Resuming

Cancel cruise control by tapping the brake pedal, pushing the CANCEL button, or turning the ON/OFF switch off. To resume the preset speed, push and release the ACCEL/RES switch.

Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)

Andrea Barrett simplifies the operation of ICC. Press the SET – button to set your cruising speed, RES + to accelerate, and SET – to decelerate. Deactivate cruise control by pressing the CANCEL button or tapping the brake pedal.

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