Nissan Altima Changing a Flat Tire

Changing a Flat Tire: Nissan Altima Owner’s Manual and Tips

Stopping Safely and Alerting Others

Nissan Altima Owners Manual

If you find yourself with a flat tire while driving your Nissan Altima, it’s crucial to follow these steps:

  1. Stopping the Vehicle
    • Move the vehicle to a safe location away from traffic.
    • Turn on hazard warning flashers.
    • Park on a level surface, apply the parking brake, and shift to P (Park).
    • Turn off the engine.
    • Raise the hood to signal for assistance.
  2. Blocking Wheels
    • Place blocks at the front and back of the wheel diagonally opposite the flat tire to prevent the vehicle from moving.

Tips for Changing a Flat Tire

Changing a flat tire on your Nissan involves several steps. Here are some essential tips:

  1. Tools Required
    • Retrieve the spare tire and tools from the trunk, including a wheel nut wrench and jack.
  2. Removing the Flat Tire
    • Open the trunk, lift the luggage floor, and locate the wheel nut wrench and jack.
    • Turn the clamp to remove the spare tire.
    • Remove the flat tire after blocking the wheels.

Jacking Up the Vehicle

Nissan Altima Owners Manual

When lifting the vehicle with a jack, it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines:

  1. Jack-up Point
    • Use the correct jack-up points specified for your vehicle model.
    • Never use blocks on or under the jack.
    • Do not start or run the engine while the vehicle is on the jack.
  2. Lifting the Vehicle
    • Loosen wheel nuts before lifting.
    • Place the jack under the jack-up point and lift the vehicle until the tire clears the ground.
    • Remove the wheel nuts and the flat tire.

Tips for Changing a Flat Tire

  1. Installing the Spare Tire
    • Clean the area between the wheel and hub.
    • Carefully put on the spare tire and tighten the wheel nuts finger tight.
    • Lower the vehicle slowly and tighten the wheel nuts securely.
  2. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
    • Understand the TPMS functionality and the importance of maintaining proper tire pressure.
    • Follow guidelines for tire nut tightening torque.

Tips for DIY Flat Tire Change

How to Change a Flat Tire in my Nissan?

If you’re stranded with a flat tire in your Nissan, follow these tips:

  1. Tools Required
    • Retrieve the spare tire and tools from your car, including a jack, lug wrench, gloves, and WD-40 solvent.
  2. Changing a Flat Tire
    • Park on level ground, apply the parking brake, and use wheel wedges.
    • Spray WD-40 on nuts, lift the car with the jack, and replace the flat tire with the spare.
    • Tighten nuts and lower the vehicle.
  3. Additional Information
    • Understand the proper placement of the spare tire.
    • Know the speed limits for spare tires and recommended driving distance.

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