Nissan Altima B2607 Steering Lock Relay

DTC Logic Overview

The B2607 code signifies a communication discrepancy between the Body Control Module (BCM) and the Intelligent Power Distribution Module Engine Room (IPDM E/R) concerning the electronic steering column lock. It is essential to note the logic associated with this code detection and the interplay with other potential trouble codes like U1000 and U1010.

Confirmation Procedure

To confirm the presence of DTC B2607, a systematic procedure involving the ignition switch and steering lock is implemented. Following specific conditions, the Self Diagnostic Result is checked using CONSULT-III, leading to either a diagnosis procedure or the end of inspection based on the outcome.

Diagnosis Procedure

Checking DTC with IPDM E/R

The first step involves scrutinizing the Self Diagnostic Result with CONSULT-III and referring to the DTC Index in case of abnormalities.

Electronic Steering Column Lock Power Supply Circuit

  1. Turning off the ignition switch.
  2. Disconnecting the electronic steering column lock harness connector.
  3. Voltage check between electronic steering column lock and ground.

This step is crucial in determining the normalcy of the inspection result, leading either to the next checkpoint or an alternate course of action.

IPDM E/R and Electronic Steering Column Lock Connectivity

  1. Turning off the ignition switch.
  2. Disconnecting IPDM E/R harness connector.
  3. Checking continuity between electronic steering column lock and IPDM E/R harness connector.
  4. Checking continuity between electronic steering column lock and ground.

The inspection result dictates the subsequent actions, whether it involves replacing the IPDM E/R or addressing issues in the harness or connector.

Intermittent Incident Check

In case of inconclusive results, referring to the general information on intermittent incidents is advised, marking the end of the inspection.

Beyond B2607, the service manual also sheds light on related codes like B2606 (steering lock relay) and B2608 (starter relay), showcasing the interconnected nature of these components within the vehicle’s security and ignition systems.

Possible Causes and Solutions

The second article provides valuable insights into the possible causes of the DTC B2607, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to diagnosis. It outlines potential issues such as a faulty steering lock relay, open or shorted harness, and poor electrical connections. Additionally, it guides readers on how to fix the DTC B2607 by visually inspecting wiring harnesses and connectors for damage.

Cost and Symptoms

For those curious about the financial aspect, the cost to diagnose the B2607 code is outlined, providing a labor estimate. The symptoms associated with this code, primarily the illumination of the engine light, are highlighted, emphasizing the importance of prompt attention.

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