Nissan Altima Automatic Anti Glare Rearview Mirror If So Equipped

Owners of Nissan Altima vehicles can benefit from the Automatic Anti-Glare Rearview Mirror feature, enhancing visibility during night-time driving. This feature is designed to automatically dim the inside mirror based on the intensity of headlights from the vehicle following you. Here, we present information amalgamated from two sources: the Nissan Altima Owners Manual and additional details on Type A and Type B mirrors.

Types of Automatic Anti-Glare Mirrors

Type A – Without Compass

The Type A mirror operates without a compass and is equipped with an indicator light (2) that illuminates during the automatic anti-glare feature operation. To deactivate this feature, press the O button for inside mirrors without a compass. The indicator light will turn off. To reactivate the anti-glare feature, press the without button for inside mirrors without a compass, and the indicator light will illuminate again.

Type B – With Compass

For Type B mirrors equipped with a compass, the process is similar. The indicator light (2) signifies the operation of the automatic anti-glare feature. Press the with button to turn it off, and the indicator light will go off. To turn it back on, press the with button, and the indicator light will illuminate.

Important Notes

It’s crucial to avoid obstructing the sensors (1) or using glass cleaner on them, as this can compromise sensor sensitivity, leading to improper operation. HomeLink┬« Universal Transceiver operation details can be found in the “Instruments and Controls” section of the manual.

Additional Information

For further insights into the compass display (if so equipped) and related features, refer to the “Compass Display” in the “Instruments and Controls” section of the manual. The merged information also includes details on the Battery Saver System, which automatically turns off headlights after 5 minutes when the ignition switch is in the OFF position while the headlight switch is in the or position. Additionally, guidance on spark plug replacement frequency and the presence of an Event Data Recorder (EDR) for recording crash-related data is provided.

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