Nissan Altima Air Conditioner System Refrigerant and Oil Recommendations

Refrigerant and Oil Specifications

Caution and Compatibility

The air conditioner system in your NISSAN vehicle must be charged with the refrigerant HFC-134a (R-134a) and NISSAN A/C system oil Type S or equivalent. The use of any other refrigerant or oil will cause severe damage to the air conditioning system, necessitating the replacement of all air conditioner system components.

Environmental Considerations

The refrigerant HFC-134a (R-134a) used in your NISSAN vehicle is environmentally friendly and does not harm the earth’s ozone layer. However, governmental regulations mandate the recovery and recycling of any refrigerant during automotive air conditioner system service. For proper service, it is advisable to consult a NISSAN dealer, equipped with trained technicians and necessary equipment for refrigerant recovery and recycling.

Engine Oil Recommendations

When it comes to engine oil, selecting the correct grade, quality, and viscosity is essential for ensuring satisfactory engine life and performance. Refer to the specifications provided in the owner’s manual for the VQ35DE engine model to make an informed decision on the appropriate engine oil.

Nissan Altima Refrigerant Oil Products

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Product Reviews and Confidence

With 7,373 reviews on parts for Nissan Altima, Advance Auto Parts offers insights from other customers. This feedback can assist you in making a confident purchase decision.

Maintenance of Oil Quantity in Compressor

The maintenance of oil quantity in the compressor is crucial for proper functioning. The oil circulates through the system with the refrigerant, and it is vital to add oil to the compressor when replacing any component or after a significant refrigerant leakage. Failure to maintain the specified oil quantity may lead to malfunctions, such as a seized compressor or inadequate cooling.

Oil Type and Adjusting Procedure

  • Oil Type: NISSAN A/C System Oil Type S or equivalent.
  • Adjusting Procedure for Components Replacement Except Compressor: After replacing major components, add the correct amount of oil to the system as per the specified table.

Oil Adjustment Procedure for Compressor Replacement

  1. Drain oil from the new compressor into a clean container.
  2. Record the amount of oil recovered.
  3. Install new oil equal to the recorded amounts in measuring cups X and Y.
  4. Follow specific steps for connecting recovery/recycling equipment and discharging refrigerant.

Nissan Altima On-Vehicle Maintenance

Basic Inspection

The diagnosis and repair workflow involve confirming symptoms, checking self-diagnosis operation of the combination meter, and performing detailed inspections as necessary.

Refrigeration System Service

When servicing the refrigeration system with HFC-134a (R-134a), it is crucial to set up service tools and equipment properly. This includes precautions to avoid breathing A/C refrigerant and oil vapor or mist during the service.

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