Next Gen Septic

Next Gen Septic

NexGen Septics has extensive experience in land development and wastewater management dating back to early 1990s. Nexgen Septics has been a leader in septic distribution in California and Hawaii since then. Their team is constantly innovating to ensure that their clients receive state-of the-art septic treatments.

Service Next Gen Septic

NexGen Septics believes that integrity and customer service go hand-in-hand. Our SepticNetwork has helped us to establish relationships with many local Geotechnicians and Engineers. This allows us to make sure that you, our clients, get the best septic system possible. We will ensure that it meets all state and local guidelines, and is completed on time and at a cost-effective price.

Nextgen Septic Technology Specification

A major environmental problem is the presence of septic tanks with failed systems that pollute groundwater and surface water bodies. There were approximately two million septic tank failures in the United States in 2014. Each year, an additional 730,000 septic tanks are installed. Most cases of septic system failure are caused by clogging the soil leak field. This is due to the entrainment solids from the tank into the soil line and the natural growth of microorganisms that treat the wastewater.

Value Next Gen Septic

NexGen Septics offers a full range of septic products and can offer a value proposition that is unbeatable. We guarantee it. NexGen believes that building relationships with small businesses and clients is the best way to create value. We are able to help most of the times because we understand your needs and desires. We may be able to help you if we are unable.

Advantages Next Gen Septic

Retrofitting an old failing septic system, where the tank is in good shape but the soil leak field is clogged, has the following advantages: There is no digging or collapsing required. NextGen Technology is installed within the existing tank. NextGen Technology provides clean, treated water. This allows homeowners to reuse the soil leak field that is clogged, rather than installing a new one. Nextgen Technology.

Work Next Gen Septic

NextGen’s septic solution comes in a compact box. It treats effluent with a three-step process.

  1. Biomedia Breakdown – Organic waste material is passed through a biomedia combining high-capacity air aeration technology. This combination creates biological anoxic and aerobic treatment of solid materials, nitrogen, and phosphorous.
  2. Membrane Filtration – The membrane separation phase treats the water for any remaining nitrogen or phosphorus, as well as filtering and treating any suspended solids.
  3. Disinfection – Ozone disinfection technology is used to ensure that treated water meets the standards for surface discharge and reuse.

Nextgen Technology

NextGen Technology consists of two main treatment steps. The first is simultaneous biological anoxic and aerobic treatment of the organic matter and nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus), using biomedia. The second is membrane separation of solids, suspended biomass and bacteria. One submersible pump of 110V, 1 HP power, operates the technology. It is controlled intermittently based on customer demand. Multiple sensors control the system and determine the pump’s run time. Any alarms are transmitted wirelessly over the power line. The homeowner can monitor the system from anywhere within the home. The technology is controlled intelligently by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which minimizes the impact on the environment.

Next-Gen Septic Sewage Treatment Septic Tank

Emergy Enviro Pvt. developed the NG-SEPCLEAN, a decentralized sewage treatment septic tank that provides safe sanitation using treated wastewater. Ltd. This design can be used in areas where traditional septic tank designs are not suitable, such as low space for drain fields, high water tables and proximity to water sources or other bodies of water. The NG-SEPCLEAN is engineered for high digestion rates, low footprint and reuse of treated wastewater.

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