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Different ways of treating and collecting can be found when installing the decentralized wastewater system. They typically have the septic tank, however there are many options that include other treatment components that are added after or instead of the septic tank. These components offer advanced treatment options. They typically disperse treated effluents to the soil, where further treatment is carried out by using conventional soil absorption fields , or other methods of soil dispersal that offer advanced treatment. Certain systems encourage recycling or reuse of water as well as evaporation and the uptake of wastewater through plants.Various States have been able to approve advanced treatment techniques for their wastewater systems that are decentralized. The links below to state websites provide information on the most advanced technology products that are approved to be used in the state as well as the approval procedure. In states which do not have an approval process for products and have no product approval process, the link is directly to the agency of state having responsibility for decentralized management of wastewater.

If you’re making a decision for any device it is likely that you will encounter a myriad of choices that will allow you customize the gadget to your preferences. This is also true for septic systems. The only difference is that in certain scenarios they are necessity based on the area. Advanced septic systems allow an additional treatment for the wastewater , and could be useful when the character of the water or the environmental sensitivity demands more care than the standard septic system is able to offer. Advanced septic systems may help reduce the demand for biological oxygen (BOD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS).


  • No additional backfills or water filling is required for installation.
  • The water may be out dry in pump-outs.
  • It is possible to install it with the use of 6″ or up to 36″ to 36″ of covering.
  • It is suitable to be used as an septic tank or pump tank, it can also be used to treat non-potable water.
  • Doors and access ports can accept NexGenD2 manhole extensions double wall corrugated pipe and Ribbed PVC pipe.
  • Tanks can be purchased with PVC gaskets and tees.
  • It is available in sizes that you require in 750, 1000, 1500, 1250 and capacity.

Options In Advanced Septic Systems


NexGen Septics has developed connections with a variety of local Geotechnicians and Engineers, Contractors along with Environmental Health Departments to make sure the YOU, “Our Clients” get the best system of septic for your needs. We’ll ensure that it is in compliance with all standards of your state and local government and can be executed in a prompt and efficient manner.When making a choice for any device there is a good chance that you’ll be presented with a variety of options to allow you personalize the device to your preferences. This is also true for septic systems. The only difference is that in certain scenarios the add-ons listed above are a necessity based on the area.


With NexGen Septics, with our complete line of septic products NexGen Septics has the capability to provide you with a value offer that can’t be bettered and we will can assure you of that. At NexGen we believe that value is derived from developing a connection with each of our small-scale local businesses as well as our customers. We are aware of their requirements and desires of our clients, and most of the times we are able to assist.While conventional septic systems tend to be in the anaerobic category (meaning they break down organic waste without oxygen) They ATUs depend on oxygen for the growth of aerobic bacteria . the bacteria breakdown suspended solids that are in the wastewater.They also have a second chamber that is used for the process of settling solids. The two compartments are connected making it possible for the bacteria that have settled within the chamber of settlement to be reintroduced to the chamber for treatment.


We at NexGen Septics, we believe that our clients can save money on their septic products. Every dollar saved is a profit! That’s why we provide our customers one of the best economical system for septic (ATU’s) that are available for sale. We are so confident in our capacity to help you save money that we’ll reduce the cost by thousands over the course of your project, or even the septic system is free! This is what makes the NexGen Septics difference.


It is recommended to conduct an inspection of the site prior to the installation of an Septic tank. The inspection will determine whether you are able to use the standard septic system or if a more advanced system is better to meet your specific needs. By following this simple guideline, you will not only assist in protecting the environment, but will also protect your family from catching diseases.

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