Most Environmentally Friendly Septic Systems

This Ecoflo biofilter can be described as the best eco-friendly Septic system on the market and is the best method to safeguard your property and the surrounding environment in the near future. This non-energy treatment system is gentle in removing wastewater contaminants with filters made from coconut husk fragments , or an amalgamation with coco and moss.The Ecoflo biofilter is the most environmentally friendly septic system that is available and is the most efficient option to protect your home as well as the environment in the future.This energy-free treatment method gently takes out wastewater-related pollutants using the use of coconut husk pieces or the combination of peat moss and coco. Both are organic and compostable. Furthermore, coco is 100 percent renewable.


A special bio-accelerator material that is placed at the bottom of the pipe. The fabric has several benefits that include: it filters more solids in wastewater, speeds up and improves water treatment, and also provides extra protection for the layers of the outside that surround the pipe.

The outermost layer is a black geotextile which gives a second, more secure antimicrobial treatment surface and also a safe area for pipes and fibers.

* A green, plastic mat that is used to cover the bio-accelerator material. Once the fiber mat is placed in place, a vast bio-treatment area is created. It is not only able to protect the most outer layer (summarized in the following bullet) however, it also improves the removal from suspended particles.

* A pipe that incorporates skimmers and ridges. The ridges enhance the area of the central unit which allows for optimal growth of bacterial and enhance cooling. The skimmers, located at each of the perforations in the unit’s central part, are responsible for two roles: 1.) guard against geotextiles and green fibers from becoming blocked the pipe, and) prevent suspended solids and grease from being able to escape the pipe.


Quick and Easy to Install

The advantages of a green septic system are numerous. Two of the most important are related to installation times and the ongoing maintenance and charges. For instance, a “standard” water treatment option for a house with four bedrooms can take about a week to set up. This substantial upfront expense is then accompanied by regular maintenance and costs that add up to a significant total cost.

You will never be damaged by Landscaping

In addition to its capacity to eliminate as much as 99 percent of the wastewater-related contaminants An eco-friendly septic system is much smaller than a conventional treatment system. The compact size offers many possibilities across various applications, particularly in areas with rugged hard terrain. Furthermore, the fact the eco-friendly system of septic works without the requirement of mechanical or moving parts is a sign with a long-lasting, durable and long-lasting system.

No Full-System Replacements

It’s no surprise that a green system for septic doesn’t depend on harmful chemicals or additives. This makes it particularly attractive to municipal authorities across Canada and the U.S. and Canada that are required to treat their water.

The Transition To Eco-Friendly Septic Systems

Going green is the new trend in the present, especially considering the harm we’re doing to our planet. As a result, both companies and people are seeking ways to make their lives more environmentally sustainable. If you own an septic tank there are some actions you can take to make it greener. Here are a few of them.


  • A compact and discrete system
  • up to 50% smaller than other systems
  • Blends into your landscaping
  • No violation of the law
  • Budget-friendly
  • There was no damages to landscaping
  • Built for sustainability
  • Installation process is simple and easy
  • It is not necessary to move
  • Make sure the environment is peaceful
  • 24/7 autonomy operation
  • Never blockages
  • No soil contamination
  • The unit is fully guaranteed.
  • Helps maintain the selling price of your home
  • No energy bills are required for treatmentor energy-free system
  • No replacement of the entire system.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Maintain your septic would like your septic to be more efficient and longer-lasting, you must check it out regularly. This will prevent harm to the system because it will help resolve smaller problems before they become more serious. Regular inspections will also ensure that your tank’s septic system does not overflow or leak, both of which can lead to contamination of groundwater.

A well-functioning and healthy system for septic is eco-friendly and affordable to run. The suggestions above will help keep to keep the system in top ecological form.

If you are cleaning or clearing a clog it is best to avoid using environmentally damaging chemical substances on your system for septic. These chemicals can harm the naturally occurring bacteria which break down the solid substances in the septic system. These chemicals can be harmful for the environment, particularly when they get into the soil as they could pollute groundwater.

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