Lumosity Cost

It’s already 2022 and many people are already familiar with Lumosity, a game that has become more popular than ever since its creation in 2007. For those who are new to this, Lumosity, a San Francisco-based company that makes games, is supposed to help train their players’ brains.

It may seem that exercise is only for the body. Your brain is made up of muscles, and can be trained and exercised just like any other part of your body.

Average cost of lumosity

The average Lumosity price has not changed over the years. It is now $14.95 per monthly, $6.95 if you subscribe for a full year for $83.40; $4.99 if you opt for the two-year commitment for $119.76 or total of $119.76; $299.95 for a lifetime subscription. Those who had subscribed before 2015 could be left scratching their heads.


Lumosity claims to be the most popular online brain training website. The creators of Lumosity claim that if you take a few minutes every day to play the game, you’ll be smarter and sharper. Lumosity was created on the idea that your brain can be trained in almost the same way as your body through daily exercises. It means that a few minutes of daily training can increase our intelligence in a noticeable manner. This means that we become more creative and have a higher IQ.

Subscription to Lumosity at a cost

Paid subscribers

Paid subscribers have full access to all Lumosity games as well as progress monitoring tools. You can view our full pricing. This is a comparison only.

Membership is free

Only a few games and features are available to free members. Register for a free account by visiting our sign up page. You will not be charged until you make a payment.

Additional costs

What is the cost of Lumosity if you wish to share it with loved ones? Lumosity offers family plans that allow you to add up to five people for $24.99 each month and $8.33 per month if you subscribe to a two year deal via one-time payments.

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