Issues Pertaining to 2019 Nissan Altima SL MAF

Remanufactured Mass Air Flow SensorsEnsuring Smooth Vehicle PerformanceIf you’re considering a remanufactured option, CARDONE offers Mass Air Flow Sensors (MAFS) designed to precisely track O.E. output curves. With a 100% re-soldering of critical components, these sensors ensure superior electrical connections, eliminating intermittent failures and extending product life. The on-car vehicle validation routines guarantee that the modules meet all form, fit, durability, and performance requirements.Key Features:
  • 100% re-solder of critical components for superior electrical connectionsOn-car vehicle validation routines for form, fit, durability, and performance100% tested with automated computer equipment for full functionality and reliabilityRemanufactured process reduces energy and raw material needs by 80%
  • Hitachi – Air Flow Sensors – New Actual OE PartPrecision and Durability for Optimal PerformanceHitachi’s Air Flow Sensors (MAFs) are crafted using precision elements and high-quality components to enhance durability and ensure accurate air flow measurements. These sensors undergo 100% air flow testing for ideal performance and are calibrated for each application, meeting strict emission standards. With features like a contaminant bypass port and protected circuitry, Hitachi’s air flow sensors are the premium choice.Key Features:
  • Tier 1 OE supplier for air flow sensors100% NEW, never remanufacturedPrecision manufacturing for accurate air flow measurementsCalibration for each application for engine efficiency and fuel mileage
  • Spectra Premium – Mass Air Flow SensorInnovative Engineering for Reliable PerformanceSpectra Premium mass air flow sensors are engineered with precision, manufacturing technology, and quality control to meet or exceed the performance of the original equipment. With features like platinum connector threads and ceramic-built printed circuit boards, these sensors provide reliable voltage, eliminating engine rough-idle problems.Key Features:
  • Designed to OE fit, form, and function requirementsPlatinum connector threads for faster reaction to changeCeramic-built boards for resistance to temperature changes and vibrationsRoad tested for real-world performance and quality standards
  • Understanding Mass Airflow Sensor ReplacementCost Estimates and ImportanceThe average cost for a Nissan Altima Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement ranges from $265 to $400. Labor costs, estimated between $28 and $36, and parts priced between $237 and $364, contribute to this range. Understanding the symptoms related to a failing mass airflow sensor is crucial for timely replacement.How Mass Airflow Sensors WorkThe mass airflow (MAF) sensor constantly measures the volume of air entering the engine, providing vital information to the vehicle’s computer. This input helps calculate fuel injection, exhaust gas, and other critical factors for engine performance.Symptoms of a Bad Mass Airflow SensorIf the MAF sensor sends erroneous signals, various issues can arise, including engine performance issues, check engine light activation, and fuel consumption problems. Recognizing these symptoms is essential for prompt action.Can I Drive with a Mass Airflow Sensor Problem?Driving with a malfunctioning MAF sensor can be dangerous, leading to unpredictable engine power surges and difficulty in vehicle control. Towing the vehicle is recommended if any symptoms are present.Replacement FrequencyMAF sensors tend to fail in most vehicles, with the highest failure rates between 100,000 and 125,000 miles. Regular maintenance and cautious handling during air filter changes can contribute to prolonged sensor life.

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