Is nissan altima discontinued?

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Nissan just updated the Altima for 2023 with a refreshed design, updated tech features, and more standard safety features. Unfortunately, while Nissan recently made the Altima more competitive in the midsize class, a report from Automotive News claims that Nissan could be discontinuing the Altima by 2025. Auto News recently published its future product plans report on Nissan, which claims that Nissan is expected to drop the gas-powered sedan by the middle of the decade. The outlet doesn’t provide a source for its information and its future product plans report tends to be based on speculation. At the moment, we don’t have any concrete information on Nissan’s future plans.

Car and Driver reached out to a Nissan spokesperson regarding Auto News’ report and received this statement: “We are continuing to invest in the sedan segment to offer our customers great-looking cars equipped with convenient, entertaining and safety-enhancing technologies. As we accelerate towards realizing Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision we have many exciting plans in development, but we don’t have anything to share at this time.” 2023 Nissan Altima Dashboard Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision is an outline for the automaker’s future products.

The Altima isn’t as popular as other Japanese options like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. According to Good Car Bad Car, Nissan sold 139,956 Altimas in 2022, which is behind the Accord (154,612 units) and Camry (295,201 units). Pictured: 2023 Nissan Altima Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required) Build & Price Your Nissan Altima Email Joel Patel, Automotive Editor Based out of the Washington, D.C. area, Joel Patel is an automotive journalist that hails from Northern Virginia. His work has been featured on various automotive outlets, including Autoweek, Digital Trends, and Autoblog. When not writing about cars, Joel enjoys trying new foods, wrenching on his car, and watching horror movies. Follow On:

The writing is on the wall for the Japanese automaker’s Titan pickup as well. The full-size truck will end production at the Canton assembly plant in Mississippi sometime in the summer of 2024, leaving the Frontier to soldier on alone. Nissan’s mid-size truck is allegedly going to be replaced by an electric take on the Frontier in 2029, likely for the 2030 model year. Automotive News further understands that Nissan’s Maxima, Altima, and Versa are getting discontinued in favor of an electric sedan, which is expected to drop sometime in 2026. According to Nissan, however, two EVs will start production at the Canton assembly plant sometime during 2025, probably as 2026 models.

The Altima is relatively affordable in its own right, starting at $25,730 as opposed to $26,420 for the Camry and $27,295 for the Accord. But alas, both the Versa and Altima suffer from Nissan’s age-old mistakes of aggressive cost cutting and abysmal quality control. For example, this generation of the Altima is listed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with no fewer than five recalls to its name for the first model year.

A Glimpse into Nissan’s Future Product Plans


The automotive industry is undergoing significant changes, with a noticeable shift towards electric vehicles and SUVs. Nissan, a major player in the market, has recently updated its Altima model for 2023, making it more competitive in the midsize class. However, speculations about the discontinuation of the Altima by 2025 have surfaced.

Reports and Speculations

Automotive News, in its future product plans report, suggests that Nissan may discontinue the Altima, citing the decline in popularity of sedans compared to SUVs. While the information lacks a concrete source, it aligns with the broader trend of automakers favoring high-riding options over sedans.

Nissan’s Response

In response to these speculations, Car and Driver reached out to a Nissan spokesperson who stated that the company continues to invest in the sedan segment. Nissan aims to offer customers attractive cars equipped with advanced technologies, emphasizing their commitment to safety and entertainment. However, no specific details about the Altima’s future were disclosed.

Nissan’s Ambition 2030 Vision

Nissan’s overarching goal, outlined in the Ambition 2030 vision, is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. As part of this vision, the company plans to introduce 27 electrified vehicles, including 19 electric vehicles (EVs), by 2030. This aligns with previous reports indicating Nissan’s intention to launch a new electric sedan in 2026.

Electric Sedan on the Horizon

According to Automotive News, Nissan is set to discontinue not only the Altima but also the Versa by 2025. The publication suggests that Nissan’s future lineup will include an electric sedan, anticipated to debut in 2026. While details about this new electric sedan remain unclear, speculations about the potential use of the Maxima name have circulated.

Sales and Market Dynamics

The shift from sedans to SUVs is evident in the market dynamics. Nissan’s Altima, while recently updated, faces tough competition from more popular Japanese options like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. According to sales figures from 2022, the Altima lags behind with 139,956 units sold, compared to the Accord (154,612 units) and Camry (295,201 units).

The Larger Context

Nissan’s decision to discontinue sedans aligns with the broader industry trend, as demonstrated by other automakers discontinuing sedans due to thin profit margins and poor sales. This move follows the discontinuation of the Maxima and hints at a broader shift in Nissan’s product lineup.

Quality Concerns

The Altima and Versa, despite their affordability, have faced challenges related to aggressive cost-cutting and quality control issues. Recalls for issues such as fuel tube disconnection and leaky fuel tanks have raised concerns about the reliability of these models.


As Nissan navigates the evolving automotive landscape, the fate of the Altima remains uncertain. The shift towards electric vehicles and SUVs, coupled with market dynamics and quality concerns, may influence Nissan’s decision regarding the future of its sedan lineup. The anticipated introduction of an electric sedan in 2026 adds an intriguing element to Nissan’s journey towards carbon neutrality.

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