Quick4 High Capacity Chamber can be placed in a 36″ trench. It is suitable for straight or curved systems. The patent-pending Contour Swivel Connection allows for turns of up to 15deg right or left. MultiPort, the endcap, allows for multiple piping options and eliminates all pipe fittings. The chamber’s length of four feet allows for optimal installation flexibility.

Quick4 Plus chambers are similar to the original Quick4 chambers. However, they offer more contouring capabilities. The Quick4 Plus series offers maximum strength thanks to its interior load-bearing support columns. Infiltrators can manufacture chambers in a variety of sizes and styles to meet any regulatory or site requirements.

Quick4 Chambers

Quick4 Plus High Capacity and Quick 4 Standard chambers will fit in a 36-inch trench. The Quick4 Plus Standard LP Chamber is 4 inches shorter than other chamber models, allowing for a shallower installation. The Quick4 Plus chambers have superior strength and contouring capabilities thanks to a system with center structural columns.

These chambers can be used with the Quick4 Plus line endcaps. This allows for greater flexibility in system configurations. Chamber 3050 can be installed in a trench measuring 53 inches wide. All chambers can fit in a bed. For more information about the various system-inletting options, contact your Infiltrator representative.

QUICK4 Benefits

  • Installation is easy

Installing chamber system infiltrator chambers is easy. They can be transported to the site by a pickup truck, and then hand-carried into place. Two people can install most jobs in half the time of a similar stone or pipe leachfield.

  • Cost Savings

Generally, no stone or geotextile are required. Chamber installations require less pipe. Installs can be completed faster, which allows you to save time and reduce the use of heavy trucks for transporting stone.

  • Advanced contouring connections can swivel to 15deg right or left
  • Installation is quick and easy thanks to the latching mechanism
  • Compact nesting allows for more trench length at the same height as the stack height.
  • Four-foot chambers can be easily installed and handled.
  • Quick4 High Capacity Chamber can support wheel loads up to 16,000 lbs/axle and has only 12 inches of cover
  • The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials has certified them (IAPMO).


Capacity: 62 gal

Collection: Quick4

Color Finish: Black

Height: 16 in

Länge: 53 in

Material: Recycled plastic

Width: 34 inches

Infiltrator Q4 Plus Series Products

1. Quick4 Plus All-In-One 8 Endcap

Use the Quick4 Plus Low Profile chambers.

2. Quick4 Plus All-In-One Periscope

Use Quick4 Plus All-in-One Endcaps, or any Quick4 chamber.

3. Quick4 Plus Standard

The 12-inch high chambers can be placed in 36-inch wide trenches.

4. Quick4 Plus High Capacity

The 14-inch high chambers can be placed in 36-inch wide trenches.

5. Quick4 Plus All-In-One 12 Endcap

Use the Quick4 Plus Standard or High Capacity chambers.

6. Quick4 Plus Low Profile

The chambers measure 8 inches high and can be placed in 36-inch-wide trenches.

7. Quick4 Plus Endcap

Use the Quick4 Plus Low Profile chambers.

Choose The Plastic Leachfield Chambers

Easy to install chamber systems. They are designed for strength and performance and have a smaller footprint than stone or pipe. These benefits of Infiltrator chambers translate into cost savings in labor, materials, and time. Learn more about chamber systems.

Superior Technology

  • A cutout for the inspection port allows monitoring and maintenance
  • A solid roof prevents rainwater infiltration and fines intrusion
  • Sidewall louvers permit lateral leaching or evapotranspiration
  • Advanced contouring connections enable chambers to avoid obstacles
  • Open bottom allows for a smooth soil interface that can reduce trench length by up to 50%
  • The patent-pending chamber interlocks have an advanced design that connects chambers end to end with a perfect fit

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