Infiltrator IM-1530

The Infiltrator IM-1530 septic tank is lightweight, strong, and durable. This tank design features Infiltrator’s custom-fit risers as well as heavy-duty lids. The Infiltrator injection-molded tanks are a breakthrough in plastic septic tank design. They offer long-term exceptional strength, watertightness, and a superior aesthetic. The IM-1530 tanks come in a 2-piece design and nest easily for shipping. They are also available through our certified network of Infiltrator distributors.


  • Installable with 6″ to 48” of cover
  • Pump-outs: Can be dried
  • This tank is suitable for use as a pump tank, septic tank or rainwater (non potable) tank
  • There are no special backfill, installation or water filling requirements
  • There are no special requirements for water filling
  • You can fill the tank with appropriate native soil. For more information, refer to the installation instructions.
  • Polypropylene construction is strong and injection-molded
  • Easy handling and delivery thanks to light-weight plastic construction and the inboard lifting lugs
  • Access ports that are structurally reinforced eliminate distortion during installation or pump-outs
  • Additional strength is provided by reinforced structural ribs and fiberglass bulkheads


You must backfill and install according to Infiltrator Water Technology, Infiltrator IM–Series Septic Tank General Installation Instructions. For shallow ground water conditions refer to the Infiltrator IM–Series Tank Buoyancy control Guidance.


61.7’’W x 64.9’’L x 56.8’’H

(1567 mm x 1648 mm x 1387 mm)

Access Port

24” (610 mm)


169 lbs (77kg)

Total Capacity

552 gal (2090 L)

Burial Depth

Minimum 6” (152 mm)

Maximum 48” (1219 mm)

The IM-1530 plastic tank is an injection molded, two-piece midseam tank. The IM-1530 is an injection molded plastic tank that can be used as a mid-seam joint. It has the exact dimensions to accept an engineered EPDM gasket. The gasket design of Infiltrator uses technology from the water industry to ensure a watertight seal. Two-piece construction is secured using a series non-corrosive plastic alignment dots and locking seam clips. The IM-1530 can be assembled and sold by certified Infiltrator distributors.

General Specifications

* Warranty will be voided if you fail to follow installation instructions.

* Before ground disturbance occurs, inspect for subsurface obstructions or utilities that are in compliance with applicable regulations.

* The operating water temperature should not exceed 100 degrees F (40 degrees C).

* Handle and backfill the tank in cold conditions to avoid damage from impact.

* Tanks cannot be made to withstand fire. Keep away from ignition sources.

* It is forbidden to remove structural bulkheads; it is also against the law to remove locking clips from the IMSeries tank connection at the mid-seam.

* Tanks must bear the NSF/ANSI 61 certification mark to be suitable for portable applications. The tank can be used for septic, stormwater, storage, holding, pump applications or any other non-potable purposes.

* Underground installation is possible with infiltrator tanks

For above-ground requirements, please contact Infiltrator System

The Infiltrator Septic Tank user is entitled to a limited warranty. Infiltrator Septic Tanks are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for five years from the date of installation. At its discretion, Infiltrator may either repair or replace the defective product. The cost of removing and/or installing the Septic Tank is excluded from Infiltrator’s liability.


What type of Buoyancy Controls can be used in shallow groundwater conditions?

The Infiltrator tank installation instructions provide information on when buoyancy control measures should be taken. They are also available online. The Infiltrator IM Series septic tank bufferancy control guidance document, which provides details on anti-floatation design options, is available on this website if buoyancy control measures are necessary.

How do I attach the Risers to Infiltrator Tanks

This website contains Infiltrator’s riser guide document and a video. These documents provide details on how to attach a range of commercially available risers made by Infiltrator.

Is the Infiltrator Tank approved for use in my local area?

All Infiltrator tanks have been certified by CSA and IAPMO, two of the most respected certification agencies for tank technology. To be certain, please check with your local health department before you use the tank.

What are the best places to find local installation codes, system designs, and technical questions?

Local codes govern many installation options and requirements. For more information, contact your local health department and follow their codes. If you have any questions about design or installation, please contact Infiltrator water Technologies.

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