Infiltrator im 1060 Price

The Infiltrator IM-1060 septic tank is lightweight, strong, and durable.

This tank design is made possible by Infiltrator’s custom-fit risers, heavy-duty lids, and other accessories. The Infiltrator injection-molded tanks offer a breakthrough in plastic septic tank design. They are long-lasting and extremely strong.

The tank should not be installed in areas where there is vehicular traffic. The tank is not intended for traffic.

  • IM-1060 Infiltrator 4, ABS/PVC Inlet/Outlet Tee Septic Tank

It costs between $1300.00 and $1500.00

  • Infiltrator 1060 Gallon Sewage Tank – IM1060

The price ranges from $1250.00 to $1,549.00


Dimensions 62.2″Wx127″Lx54.7″H

(1580 mm x 3226 mm x 1389 mm)

Two Access Ports for 24″ Each (610 mm).

Weight: 320 lbs (145kg).

Total Capacity 1287 Gal (4872 L).

Working Capacity: 1094 gal (4141 L).

Burial Depth Minimum 6″ (152 mm)

Maximum 48″ (1219 mm)

Installation Locally

Local codes govern many installation options and requirements. For more information, consult your local health department and follow their codes. If you have any questions about design or installation, please contact the Technical Services team at Infiltrator water Technologies.

Features & Benefits

  1. Installable with 6″ to 48” of cover
  2. Pump-outs: Can be dried
  3. Polypropylene construction is strong and injection-molded
  4. Access ports that are structurally reinforced eliminate distortion during installation or pump-outs
  5. There are no special backfill, installation or water filling requirements
  6. Easy handling and delivery thanks to light-weight plastic construction and the inboard lifting lugs
  7. Heavy-duty, integrated green lids that can be interconnected with TWTM risers or pipe riser solutions
  8. Additional strength is provided by reinforced structural ribs and fiberglass bulkheads
  9. This tank is suitable for use as a pump tank, septic tank or rainwater (non potable) tank

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