Infiltrator Eq 36 Low Profile

Its Quick4 Plus Equalizer 36 Low Profile (LP) gives the highest strength due to its two central structural columns. The chamber is able to be installed in the 24-” large trench. It’s shorter by 4 inches in height than the other Equalizer 36 model chambers, which allows for a shallow installation.The chamber is called the Quick4 Plus(tm) Equalizer 36 Low Profile (LP) gives the highest strength due to its two central structural columns. The chamber can be placed in an wide 24″ large trench. It’s 4 inches smaller in height than the other Equalizer 36 model chambers, which allows for a less invasive installation. Similar to the original range of Quick4(r) chambers it also offers sophisticated contouring capabilities by using the Contour Connection. It has a Swivel Connection(tm) which allows turning up to 15 degrees, either left or right.

the structural strength and durability of every chamber, endcap, and other accessories manufactured in Infiltrator (“Units”) in the event of being installed and operated within the leach field that is part of an on-site Septic system, in accordance according to Infiltrator’s specifications The warranty is extended to the first buyer (“Holder”) from the defect of material and workmanship for one year from the time of the date the septic permit has been given for the system which houses the Units but with the caveat that in the event that the septic permit isn’t required by law the warranty period will commence from the time that the construction of the system begins.

The Limited Warranty is null and void if any component or system of chambers is produced by any other person than Infiltrator. The Limited Warranty shall not cover additional, consequential, or indirect damage. Infiltrator is not liable for any liquidated or penalties that include losses in production and profits as well as for costs for labor and materials overhead costs, other expenses or losses that are incurred from the Holder, or any other third person. The only things that are excluded from the Limited Warranty protection are damages caused to the Units by normal wear and wear, damage of the Units, accidents or neglect of the Units, the Units being exposed to vehicular traffic or other conditions that aren’t permitted by installation instructions; the failure to maintain the minimum level of ground cover that are specified in the installation guidelines or the installation of unsuitable materials in the system that contains the Units; the failure of the Units and the septic system as a result of incorrect size or sitting or excessive use of water and improper disposal of grease or inadvertent operation; or any other circumstance that is not the fault of Infiltrator.

Special Installation Instructions

If your location is susceptible to ground-burrowing rodent activity Infiltrator recommends combining our installation guidelines together with our ground-burrowing rodent procedure. More information can be obtained by calling the nearest Infiltrator distributor.The Quick4 Equalizer 36 chamber can be set up in a 24-inch or a 30-inch-wide trench. There are many systems to select from, including or without distribution boxes.


Four-foot lengths of chambers are easy to manage and set up

Two columns with a central structure give you the strongest strength

Advanced contouring connections

* Latching mechanism allows rapid installation

* Supports wheel weights of 16,000 pounds per axle with 12 inches of cover

Low profil design of this chamber makes it suitable for use in shallow areas.

* Reducing the need for imported fill for fill and cap systems.


Where can I get Local Installation Code Systems Designs, and Product Technical Issues Answered?

There are many installation requirements and options that are covered by local codes established by health departments within the area you live in. In case you’re not sure, check with your local health department for details and follow their codes of conduct.

In Which Types of System Can Chambers For Infiltration be Inserted?

Chambers for infiltrator can be utilized in virtually any septic leach field application. Wherever pipe and stone may be installed, infiltrator chambers are a viable option. This includes bed, trench and elevated mounds. Infiltrator chambers offer superior treatments for pressure dosing, levels distributionand serial distribution the evapotranspiration process, and sand filter applications.

What is Infiltrator Water Technologies’ Requirements on Minimum and Maximum System Coverage?

Infiltrator Water Technologies recommends a minimum of 12 inches of a compacted cover on the chambers. The maximum allowable coverage over chambers of trench systems is the 96-inch limit. For bed-based systems, maximum amount of cover can be 48 inches. In the event that the drainage field is in an area that is not a traffic zone, the the minimum coverage can be reduced to 6 inches. Take care in the installation of a drainage system that is at the 6-inch depth. Infiltrator Water Technologies does offer an assortment of Shallow Cover (SC) chambers which allow for 6 inches of cover and an equivalent loading rate of H-10 but they are only available in certain markets. Always consult the local health codes to determine specific requirements regarding cover.

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