Infiltrator 1500 Gallon Septic Tank Dimensions


Infiltrator is a producer of IM Series septic tanks. This IM series tanks are injection-molded polypropylene tank. It is a process identical to the process used for creating their drainfield chambers. Infiltrator uses the world’s largest low-pressure injection molding machine to make the tank, IM1530.

The Infiltrator IM-1530 is a light solid and sturdy Septic tank. The watertight tank comes with Infiltrator’s range of risers that are custom-fit and lids that are heavy-duty. Infiltrator injection molded tanks offer an innovative improvement in the design of plastic septic tanks that provides long-term, exceptional toughness and watertightness.



61.7”W 6.17”W 64.9”L x 54.6”H

(1567 mm x 1648 mm x 1387 mm)

Burial Depth

Minimum 6” (152 mm)

Maximum 48” (1219 mm)

Access Port

24” (610 mm)


169 pounds (77 kg)

Capacity Total

552 gal (2090 L)


  • Access ports that are structurally reinforced prevent distortion during installation and pump-outs
  • The reinforced structural ribbing as well as the fiberglass bulkheads add strength
  • Polypropylene construction with strong injection molding
  • The lightweight plastic construction and the inboard lifting lugs make it easy for transportation and handling
  • It is possible to install it by putting up to” up to at least 48″ of cover
  • Dry pumped during pump-outs
  • There is no special installation, backfill or water filling procedure is required.
  • There are no special requirements for water filling. are required.
  • It is suitable to be used as a septic tank or pump tank as well as a rainwater (non-potable) tank
  • The tank could be refilled with a suitable native soil. Follow the installation directions for more information.
  • Triple wall thickness created using state-of-the-art Rotomolding technology
  • Structural bulkheads that are permanently installed by factory
  • Ports for access reinforcement

There is no special installation, backfill, or water filling procedure are needed. The TW-Series Septic Tanks can be found in six sizes, ranging from 300-gallon up to 1,500-gallon.

The Infiltrator TW Series Septic Tanks are made in the USA using recycled materials of 65% and can be used as septic tanks and pumps tanks. If you visit our office, make sure to inquire about this amazing collection of septic tanks manufactured by Infiltrator.


  • 1537 Gal working capacity
  • 2 compartments
  • Two piece
  • 4 in dia pipe
  • A strong polypropylene injection mold construction
  • Lightweight plastic construction with onboard lifting lugs make for simple handling and distribution
  • Covers can be installed using 6 to 48 inches of cover
  • Dry pumped during pump-outs
  • Green lids with heavy-duty, integrated lids that connect to TW(tm) risers as well as pipe riser solutions.
  • Access ports reinforced structurally prevent distortion during installation and pump-outs
  • Fiberglass bulkheads add strength
  • It is suitable to be used as a septic tank pump tank as well as a rainwater (non-potable) tank
  • The tank could be filled with soil from the area that is suitable to be native
  • There are no special requirements for water filling. are required.


Where can I find Local Installation Code and System Designs And Product Technical Issues Answered?

A variety of installation requirements and alternatives are covered by local codes established by health authorities within your region. If you are unsure, consult with your local health department for details and follow their codes of conduct. Any questions regarding design or installation that are not addressed here may be addressed to the Infiltrator Water Technologies’ Technical Services staff

What Kind Of Buoyancy Controls are Suitable in the case of shallow groundwater conditions?

The tank installation guidelines for Infiltrator provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances when buoyancy control measures are needed and can be found on this site. When buoyancy controls are deemed to be required Infiltrator’s IM Series Septic Tank Buoyancy Control Guidance document is also accessible on this site and provides specific alternatives for design for anti-floatation methods.

How Do I Attach the Risers To the Tanks Infiltrating The Infiltrator?

Infiltrator’s Riser Guidance document as well as an instructional video are both available on this website . They provide specific design options to attach various commercially-available risers produced from Infiltrator Water Technology.

How long will plastic Septic tanks last?

Plastic: The life expectancy of the plastic septic tank can last for 30 years. Plastic tanks are more prone to wear and tear and more difficult to set up, which could cut down their life span.

What are the benefits of A plastic Septic Tank?

Septic tanks made of plastic are waterproof and immune to corrosion caused by water. They are also resistant to rust. They are also less prone to cracking due to the fact that plastic is flexible and so a plastic septic system doesn’t crack as easily as the cement septic tank. Plastic septic tanks are cleaner in comparison to concrete tanks.

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