Im 1060 Septic Tank Price

The Im 1060 Septic Tank Cost

The Infiltrator Im-1060 is a compact solid and sturdy septic tank. The tank’s watertight design is available with Infiltrator’s collection of risers that are custom-fit and lids made of heavy-duty. Infiltrator injection-molded tanks offer an innovative improvement in the design of plastic septic tanks with long-lasting durability in addition to watertightness.A Two-piece plastic septic tank constructed by our experienced team with us at American Concrete Industries. This tank is an ideal solution for those who have trucks or excavators that aren’t able to access to, for instance, remote island locations that have weight limitations. This tank requires approval of local code enforcement for its use.

Don’t install the tank in vehicle traffic zones. Tanks are intended for non-traffic-related use.


  1. Polypropylene construction with strong injection molding
  2. Lightweight plastic construction with onboard lifting lugs make for ease of handling and delivery
  3. Access ports that are structurally reinforced ensure that there is no distortion during installation as well as pump-outs
  4. Fiberglass bulkheads provide additional strength
  5. Covers can be installed using up to” or up to 48″ of cover
  6. Dry pumped during pump-outs
  7. It is suitable to be used as a septic tank pump tank and rainwater (non-potable) tank
  8. There is no special installation, backfill or water filling procedure is required.
  9. There aren’t any special requirements for water refilling. are required.
  10. The tank can be backfilled with a suitable native soil. Follow the installation directions for more information.
  11. The lightweight plastic construction and the onboard lifting lugs make for simple handling and distribution
  12. Green lids with heavy-duty, integrated lids which connect with TWTM risers, pipe riser solutions.

Can Tanks Of The Im Series Be Constructed In The Field?

They can only be assembled by people who have been certified and approved to do so by Infiltrator Water Technologies. Water Technology is the only company authorized to construct tanks in the IM-series. Do Infiltrator tanks require particular backfill specifications? They can be constructed using soil. Native soil.Infiltrator IM 1060. $1,199.00. Categories: Septic Tanks … This watertight tank is available by Infiltrator’s risers custom-fit for your requirements.

The Biggest Septic Tank That You Can Purchase

Septic tanks for residential use are common and range in size from 750 between 1,250 and 1,250 gallon. A septic tank is self-contained device designed to hold the wastewater of a residential property. The system is comprised of two primary parts: the tank as well as the drain, also known as an absorption field.The Infiltrator IM-1060 is a sturdy, lightweight and strong tank for septic. The watertight design of the tank is available with Infiltrator’s range of risers that are custom-fit.

A Septic Tank With An Infiltrator

Infiltrator’s products have been designed scientifically to facilitate the most efficient wastewater treatment optimizing the soil’s own ability to process wastewater. Onsite systems are an effective, stable, and passive method of wastewater treatment that is very low cost, all and while protecting the environment.

The Biggest Septic Tank You Can Buy

Septic tanks for residential use are common and range in sizes from 750 gallons between 1,250 and 1,250 gallon. Septic tanks are self-contained unit that is designed to store household wastewater. The system is comprised of two primary elements: the tank and the drain, also known as the soil absorption field.

The Size That Is The Most Commonly Used For Septic Tank

An average residential septic tank will typically be around 4.5 feet wide by 8.0 feet long and 6-foot tall. The septic tank you have may have a different dimensions, however. It is best to locate the size of your septic tank and then measure it to make precise calculation.

Could A Septic Tank Become Too Large?

A septic tank which is too large won’t function efficiently without the right amount of wastewater flowing through it. If the septic tank you have is too large for your home there won’t be enough the liquid that is collected to make the bacteria that help in breaking down the solid waste that is in the septic tank.

The Capacity Of The Largest Overhead Water Tank Is The Capacity Of An

Overhead Water Tanks is one of the most important and vital components of every building being constructed today. They are mostly used for storage the Tanks are used for storage purposes. Tanks can store water for up to 25000 Liters.

To Increase Capacity Of The Septic Tank

The most straightforward method to increase the capacity of your septic tank and remain connected to your existing drain lines would be to install an additional tank. This provides your home with an increased capacity for wastewater, and also gives your septic system more time process the wastewater prior to draining.The Infiltrator Im-1060 is a sturdy, lightweight and strong tank for septic. The watertight tank is available with Infiltrator’s range of risers that are custom-fit.

It Is Possible To Add Another Line To A Septic Tank.

If your tank of septic is working very well, and is at or below its capacity It is possible to add more line of input to your system. To do this, you’ll need to connect this new addition to your existing system, without any disruption or alteration to the current systems to any manner.The Infiltrator IM-1060 is an robust, light and lightweight tank for septic. The watertight tank is available with Infiltrator’s range of risers that are custom-fit.


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