Idaho House Building Costs

Idaho is growing faster than the rest of the United States, even though some states are losing residents and finding it difficult to attract new residents. According to the US Census Bureau, Idaho’s population was 1,634,464 at July 1, 2017. You might be able to build a life in Idaho. These are the expenses to be aware of when building a Idaho home.
Idaho House Construction Costs

Total Home Construction Cost Range: $115.00 – $460.00 per square foot

Idaho’s average cost per square foot for building a house is $ 115.00 for craftsman-style bungalows and $ 460.00 for luxury high-end homes.

Craftsman-Style Bungalow: $115.00 – $143.75 per square foot

Idaho’s low land prices have resulted in 52.3% single-detached homes.

The average home has 1,932 sq. feet. This means that construction costs can range from $222,180.00 up to $277,725.00.

Luxury or high-end homes cost between $316.25 and $460.00 per sq foot

Idaho’s upscale neighborhoods are home to many grand colonial-style houses. These homes are finished with high-end fixtures and materials. High-end homes in Arkansas will cost approximately $610,995 to $88,720.

Cost per square foot COST RANGES

  • Condos: $450+ per square foot
  • Townhomes from $174 to $324 per Square Foot
  • Single-family homes: $127.64 – $495.90 per sq. foot

For single-family homes, the median square footage price ranged between $235 and $255. These are retail prices. These homes are usually built by local producers or townhomes.

These are just three examples of recent building costs in the Treasure Valley.

Middleton Idaho

  • Sale price $900,000
  • 3,520 square feet
  • $256 per square foot + building lot cost

Eagle, Idaho

  • Sale price: $1.1 million
  • 2,800 square feet
  • $257 per square foot+building lot cost

Star, Idaho

  • Sale price: $630,000
  • 2,200 sq. ft. + 1 bay
  • $255 per square foot

Land Cost

Boise’s raw land prices range from $1,000 an acre to $383,000 an acre. That is $0.023 per sq. foot and $8.80 respectively. Higher end lots in suburban development can be as high as $349,000 per lot, while smaller lots can go for as low as $15,000 each. Zillow listings show that an average lot size is approximately 10,312.83 sq feet and an average cost of $410,230. Redfin listings, on the other hand, show an average lot size at 10,946 feet with an average cost of $442 025.

Architecture and Design Fees

The average cost for an architectural service is between 5 and 15% of the total construction costs of a homeowner’s home. Hourly rates for draftsmen can range from $30 to $50 an hour. On the other hand, licensed architects can charge fees of anywhere from $100 to $150 an hour. Homeowners must be prepared to pay more than $150 per hour for the services of a designer. The hourly rate for draftspersons is between $30 and $50. Draftspeople can be as low as $2 per square feet on a task-by-task basis.

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