water meter installation cost

It is typical habit in families to waste water while using it, for example, by leaving the tap running while brushing their teeth or by keeping the toilet flush running for an excessive amount of time (using 18 litres per flush). The installation of a water metre allows for the comparison of consumption among families (by grouping together households with the same number of occupants). When a significant variation is found between two or more homes with the same number of members, it indicates that the families with the highest consumption are clearly consuming significantly more water than is required.

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The majority of water main improvements cost between $1,700 and $3,000 to complete. The cost of installing a water main is $50 to $150 per foot, depending on the size of the pipe.

Consider the following scenario: you purchased a mid-range water metre of commendably excellent quality for Rs 5000 (per unit) for a 50-unit apartment building. That’s Rs 2,50,000 in today’s money. Installation and supplies will cost roughly Rs 5000 (approximately) each flat. That’s an additional $2,50,000. For the sake of argument, let us imagine you pay Rs 2000 per month for water tankers. Because of the minimal consumption, your contribution was lowered to Rs 1000 following the installation of the metre. Over a five-year period, a one-time investment of Rs 10,000 yields a satisfactory return on investment.

Is it possible to get free water metres?
If you opt to have a water metre installed, most water providers will install the metre at no cost to you, and most customers can switch back to the unmetered fee at any point within 12 months if they are dissatisfied with the change (not applicable to customers of Affinity Water Southeast, South East Water or Southern Water).

The procedure of installing a water metre
Install the water metre in an easily accessible location between the main and the individual supply valve on the input pipe, or as near to the point of extraction as practicable. Each water metre should have at least a 30cm clearance around it to allow easy access. Prior to installation, a filter/strainer must be installed in order to capture silt, particles, and other debris. It is necessary to establish an undisturbed pipe (10x the diameter of the pipe) upstream and (5x the diameter of the pipe) downstream of the metre.

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